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Have sent you a PM.
That'll be a no then... It just strikes me that if you can take the signal straight from a balanced source, and maybe attenuate it a little bit, then why the need for expensive and signal degrading headphone amps?
Not sure if this is the correct forum.... I am sure I cannot be the only person who has tried this but can't find any other reports. I have a VSE level 5 modded Sony SCD-1 disc spinner, which outputs only 1.12V from its balanced outputs (claimed to be 600 ohm impedence). I think that is a fair bit lower output than most balanced sources. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD650 and zu Mobius balanced cable for it.... I bought this cable 2nd hand a couple of years ago...
I prefer the headphone output of my old Marantz PM-14 to my Earmax Pro.
Does anyone know of a good headphone amp with X-feed, and is available in the UK? Can't seem to find anything and would prefer to avoid importing and customs etc. P.S. Headphones will be Senn HD650.
No-one? Surely not!
has anyone ever heard about this headphone amp, or even heard it? it appears to be an OTL tube device, pictures I've seen from an ad on ebay suggest its well made. But I cannot find any mention of it anywhere on the web, no reviews or mention of the manufacturer. Any help appreciated...
As want to move quickly: click here - Now on Ebay! £500 starting price, No Reserve.
Superb SR 404 Signature Electrostatic headphones with SRM-006t valve energiser. Balanced and single-ended inputs. Fully boxed with instructions, perfect condition, demo possible. £625 incl. UK postage.
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