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SOLD Hello, I bought these only a few days ago from another headfier, but its become apparent pretty quickly they are not to my taste. Soundstage is phenomenal, and bass is tight and fast and quite visceral, but I am finding the treble balance too much for my taste. While they are fantastic with pop/rock and fast music, they don't in my opinion suit large scale classical which is my mainstay. So back on sale they go.... I'm looking for UKP £300 (£10 discount...
I had a 2nd hand 4040 set for a few weeks - was totally underwhelmed by lack of substance to the music, and by the overwhelming greyness of the tonality. Hated them.... but was able to sell on without a loss. However I have also owned Sennheiser HE-60/70 combo in the past and it was a dream. I've kicked myself everyday since I sold it.
I've tried to trawl through this thread.... but can anyone describe how the D5000 & D2000 sound in the treble? Is it fierce or bright, or natural and relaxed? Most importantly can they do orchestral violins convincingly? Big classical is my main thing. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by David.M Beyerdynamic DT880/600 most definitely. Where does one get DT880 600Ohm? can't find them for sale or even mentioned in UK, only the 250 Ohm version. Nothwitstanding that.... I took a look of faith and bought a 2nd hand pair of Audio Technica AD2000. Oops, may have been a mistake. Soundstage is amazing, but something very very not right in the treble department - orchestral violins have no texture, just a...
When I asked the question I was thinking more along the lines of both superb build and desirability, without superflous over-design.... so I guess the question is "What is the Swiss watch of audiophile headphones?"
Which currently available Cans have the best build quality? I.E. which are the least flimsy, most solidly constructed, most feel like if you dropped them they wouldn't break, do not creak or rattle in any way when in use? And feel like quality pieces of kit i.e. solid, nice materials? I find Stax headsets very rattly and creak a lot when one moves, Audio technica also feel a bit flimsy to me. My own nomination would be for Senn HD600 or 650 but what do I know? ...
Regarding the D5000 vs W5000 question.... which, if either, of those will sound good with a Lehmann Black Cube Linear? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by music_man i just saw goldmund has a reference eidos blu ray player! hold your horses i might be toping this list! just give me a chance to get it. i am afraid to mention the price actually. music_man Before you hand over your money.... check it isn't the same player as a $500 Panasonic or Oppo in a very nice looking case. Seriously - that seems to be what the supposed hi-end companies are doing now to produce blu...
Sony SCD-1 $5000 in its day I think (was £3500 in UK) Vacuum State VSE level 6+ modification - no idea how much they cost as the previous owner paid for them and he sure didn't get any return on the investment But its a huge improvement from the stock player (which I used to own) on both CD and SACD.
Sorry double post, browser problems.
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