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Quote: Originally Posted by MarkyMark YGPM. replied
Oh... For the price I am now selling these at I am not including delivery or paypal fees! I am not a charity!
Folks - insured shipping from UK to US is going to be around £40 UKP. That's with tracking and proper packaging - unless you want me to risk just using the crappy Audio-technica box! Would really rather sell in UK or Europe and not get embroiled in customs declarations etc. Even better if somebody could collect in person!
There is no point in these sitting here in their box not being used.... price drop to £200. I'm losing my shirt on these ******* phones.
Price drop £250!
bump - make me an offer!
Quote: Originally Posted by wavoman ... Senn HD600 for the large scale classical -- you should try those next. Been there, done it, got the T-shirt..... want to try different things! I have owned HD600 & 650 in the past. Jolly nice too, but am now getting great joy from Beyerdynamic DT880 which arrived last weekend, and I think possibly preferable to the HD600 for me. Anyway - some messages received about the AD2000.... all replied to! come on...
So how did you get on with it then? Quote: Originally Posted by jro7563 Just tracked my MkIV at Heathrow airport now, will Gordon Brown want to charge me an arm and a leg in duty
bump.... will listen to offers!
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