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I got mine too. Left barely concealed behind a plant pot on my front doorstep, in the rain. But luckily in a plastic bag. Dammit - I think they might actually be better than my Beyer dt880s for classical music. Which means I might just have to keep them and not sell! It's also annoying as it means I've gone full circle on headphones. I had a pair of these 5 years ago but "upgraded" to the 650s
For goodness sake guys, its a pair of headphones. You didn't lose any money, and you don't really need them.
I have to say that the Audio Technica AD2000 were hugely disappointing for me.... sounded very unnatural IMO. I Hope the new owner doesn't think so! In the past I've really hated Stax - to my ears just gutless and very grey sounding, and pretty bad design in terms of comfort and mechanical noise from the 'phones themselves.
Sold my AD2000 headphones to Mark. He made up his mind quickly and paid immediately. Highly recommended, thanks.
Headphones are too personal for generalizations.... all you can do is try to hear as many as you can until you hear the ones that get it right. However.... no harm in trying!..... I listen to about 80% classical, and about 80% of that is big orchestral. Over several years I went through the Sennheisers HD600 & 650, tried Stax, tried AKG 701 and even Audio-technica AD2000 (yuck!). After a long road, I've got it down to either Beyerdynamic DT880 or Denon D5000. ...
Sold... thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkyMark YGPM. replied
Oh... For the price I am now selling these at I am not including delivery or paypal fees! I am not a charity!
Folks - insured shipping from UK to US is going to be around £40 UKP. That's with tracking and proper packaging - unless you want me to risk just using the crappy Audio-technica box! Would really rather sell in UK or Europe and not get embroiled in customs declarations etc. Even better if somebody could collect in person!
There is no point in these sitting here in their box not being used.... price drop to £200. I'm losing my shirt on these ******* phones.
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