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OK - bottom line folks - is this as good as a real Lehmann BCL?  Thanks.
Hello,   I sold the Lehmann BCL I used to own - and now I want it back! I shouldn't have sold it.   So if you have one for sale in UK or Europe please let me know and lets see if we can do a deal.  Would prefer the non-USB version.    Must be in excellent condition with box and preferably instruction booklet too.   thanks.
Long since sold I'm afraid
oh well...  I got a demo of Active ATC SCM50 yesterday.   And have since been staring at bank accounts and stuff I've got to sell to see of there is any way I can afford them....
Anyone heard Nola Vipers?  Sealed box bass unit and open baffle section for mid and treble..... could be interesting.... any experiences?
What amp are you using to drive them?  I'd be surprised if that hasn't changed in same timeframe!
Yes... hmm.... well.... unfortunately in my sheer lunatic idiocy I sold the Tannoys.  Where's the emoticon for self-destruct?   Yes, the Tannoys pretty much covered the bases but the curiosity for the 'statics got the better of me. Live'n'learn.
Thanks for comments guys.... currently got a loaner pair of Dynaudio Contour s3.4 and quite enjoying them but not sure they are doing enough to justify the price.  I've had a pair of Dali Helicon 400s in the past and they were lovely.... if a used pair came up at a good price I could be tempted back to them.   Interesting that I'm hearing consistent tales of underwhelment (is that a word?) with B&W.  Not just here but elsewhere too - even from a B&W dealer.   Of...
I know its an odd thing to talk about on a headphones forum but thought I'd try....   I am mainly a speaker listener. Although I love headphones I generally only use them when music will disturb other people late at night.  SO most of my listening is done on speakers.  Until a couple of weeks ago when I scored the greatest own goal in the entire history of hifi box-swapping by deciding that my beloved big Tannoy D700s could be replaced by a pair of refurbished Quad...
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