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Audio Technica AD-2000. Absolutely Awful.   Klipsch X-10 - Great fit but where's the treble gone?    Sennheiser IE-8. fantastic sound, but could not get them to stay in my ears no matter what tips I tried. shame.    
Just my 2 cents worth on the lovely cube.... I bought a 2nd hand one to try instead of the genuine Lehmann BCL (which I know well from being a previous owner and rate highly) and I have to say I am disappointed.   Into the Sennheiser HD565 I am currently using (waiting for Denon AD5000 to arrive) the sound is hard, tizzy, lacking air and space and soundstage is compressed.  The headphone socket on my Sony SACD player does a much better job and is far...
pm sent
Provisionally Sold. That was fast!
Hello,   This system consists of the SR-404 Earspeakers and SRM-006t amplifier.    I bought it only a few weeks ago from a Stax Distributor closeout sale, it was brand new in a sealed box. I have only used it for approx 12-15 hours.  I have however decided that I prefer the punch and attack from dynamic headphones whereas this provides finesse, detail, transparency in spades.   I have all original packaging and manuals etc. The units are in perfect condition....
Is switching Opamps easy - are they socketed or are desoldering/soldering skills required?  
OK - bottom line folks - is this as good as a real Lehmann BCL?  Thanks.
Hello,   I sold the Lehmann BCL I used to own - and now I want it back! I shouldn't have sold it.   So if you have one for sale in UK or Europe please let me know and lets see if we can do a deal.  Would prefer the non-USB version.    Must be in excellent condition with box and preferably instruction booklet too.   thanks.
Long since sold I'm afraid
oh well...  I got a demo of Active ATC SCM50 yesterday.   And have since been staring at bank accounts and stuff I've got to sell to see of there is any way I can afford them....
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