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Big orchestral stuff is my thing.  I get a great deal of joy from Denon d5000 which provide all the richness & sweep of the music and a great sense of scale.  Same for solo piano and organ. Very much thinking about upgrading to modded D7000 if I can find a pair   I also have a pair of Audio Technica W5000.... they just cannot hack it for the same kind of music.  For light pop/rock, acoustic, solo instrumental and vocal and music by small ensembles they are brilliant...
currently got pairs of 627, 637, AD797 and OPA602 all sourced from RS components in UK and waiting to roll.... but still waiting for that double adapter from China!  
Hello,   looking for a pair of Denon D7000, must be in perfect condition with box.  With or without JC Money pads or other mods....    I have a perfect boxed pair of Audio Technica W5000 which I might be thinking of selling so could maybe do some kind of swap deal?   thanks for looking.
I've found over the years that the higher-end Japanese integrated amps from the likes of Marantz, Luxman and Accuphase have excellent headphone outputs.... none more so than a Marantz PM-14 I used to have.  I've also had the Yamaha AS-2000 and its good, but not as good as that older Marantz.   I am very tempted to try the Luxman Tube integrated amp, SQ-38, I hear its headphone out is highly regarded but not sure it would have enough oomph for my speakers.   I am...
Ok - the new 2134 that arrived today seems much better than the old one, no spitty grainyness that I was suffering before.   Overall its now slightly better listening experience than the headphone socket on my Sony CD..... which is still a disappointment tbh.  Or maybe the headphone out on that Sony is something special - but the real Lehmann BCL I used to own was clearly superior.   I've tried the 627 and 637 - are these straight drop-in replacements?  Because I...
Imaging all smeared all over the place, no bass, all treble, just couldn't get them at all. Tried with several amps - Lehmann BCL, Earmax Pro, Little Dot IVse.   
Ah..... OK, in that case I've got another 2134 arriving tomorrow but also a 627 and 637. Will see how these go before trying more....   P.S. Halle Berry Ha Ha - I've just been RickRoll'd!   (see vido link in Mad Max's sig)   25 years ago, people were telling me I was Rick Astley's twin brother. However I am a MUCH better dancer.
Mainly classical orchestral and heavy rock for me.   I have insignificant soldering skills. OK on a big wire but couldn't solder one of these things.... where can I get the opamp already mounted on an adapter? Thanks
Hi,  highest gain setting. The opamp appears to have been scraped or rubbed to remove markings - but I can see 45EXY on it. Here is a photo.     any recommendations? thanks.  
Ok - thanks for the offer to help - I'll get back shortly with what I find.  I'm using highest gain setting +20db
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