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Ok - the new 2134 that arrived today seems much better than the old one, no spitty grainyness that I was suffering before.   Overall its now slightly better listening experience than the headphone socket on my Sony CD..... which is still a disappointment tbh.  Or maybe the headphone out on that Sony is something special - but the real Lehmann BCL I used to own was clearly superior.   I've tried the 627 and 637 - are these straight drop-in replacements?  Because I...
Imaging all smeared all over the place, no bass, all treble, just couldn't get them at all. Tried with several amps - Lehmann BCL, Earmax Pro, Little Dot IVse.   
Ah..... OK, in that case I've got another 2134 arriving tomorrow but also a 627 and 637. Will see how these go before trying more....   P.S. Halle Berry Ha Ha - I've just been RickRoll'd!   (see vido link in Mad Max's sig)   25 years ago, people were telling me I was Rick Astley's twin brother. However I am a MUCH better dancer.
Mainly classical orchestral and heavy rock for me.   I have insignificant soldering skills. OK on a big wire but couldn't solder one of these things.... where can I get the opamp already mounted on an adapter? Thanks
Hi,  highest gain setting. The opamp appears to have been scraped or rubbed to remove markings - but I can see 45EXY on it. Here is a photo.     any recommendations? thanks.  
Ok - thanks for the offer to help - I'll get back shortly with what I find.  I'm using highest gain setting +20db
Audio Technica AD-2000. Absolutely Awful.   Klipsch X-10 - Great fit but where's the treble gone?    Sennheiser IE-8. fantastic sound, but could not get them to stay in my ears no matter what tips I tried. shame.    
Just my 2 cents worth on the lovely cube.... I bought a 2nd hand one to try instead of the genuine Lehmann BCL (which I know well from being a previous owner and rate highly) and I have to say I am disappointed.   Into the Sennheiser HD565 I am currently using (waiting for Denon AD5000 to arrive) the sound is hard, tizzy, lacking air and space and soundstage is compressed.  The headphone socket on my Sony SACD player does a much better job and is far...
pm sent
Provisionally Sold. That was fast!
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