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Hey- someone call the animal cruelty society!   Here's the full thing....
Thanks for positive comments folks.... will post a pic of the full TT tonight.  Its entirely made from transparent acrylic, apart from the motor and bearing of course.
Scheu Premier II with Clearaudio Unify 12" with previous Benz cart:   Now with Benz Glider L2.
Those Fostex phones are the old style Denons in trendy black are they not?  Wonder if they've done anything about that weak pin between cup and headband.
Crikey! wish I had read this thread a few days ago.... just got my hands on a pair of Denon 7100s and so far they sound absolutely &%^&%* awful. Ghastly.   I bought them to replace my very much loved all-time favourite headphones - Denon D-5000 - on which unfortunately the pin holding one of the earcups and headband together has snapped (I've jury rigged it back together).   I saw the 7100s at a good price and thought they must be the perfect replacement... but oh...
Whoops wrong thread.
Hello - anyone looking to sell either of these in UK or Europe? Let me know... 
Could be interested but where is P(R)L ?    
^ yes but I'm getting exactly the same result using a Schiit Lyr pushing out 6W in 32 ohms.  Which is hardly underpowered.     There is a huge disparity between what I am reading about the HE-6 and what I am hearing with my own ears.... there must be something wrong with the ones I have.  
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