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Audeze LCD-2 Headphones (Fazor) Superb orthodynamic headphones. Bamboo finish. Barely used, with cleaning lotion and cables for both 1/4" jack and 4-pin XLR balanced connection. Packed in original tough plastic strongbox. Perfect unmarked condition.  £600 incl UK postage.   Will also send to Europe, please contact for shipping quote.
Not many Shostakovich fans around here then?  
http://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/album/shostakovich-the-complete-symphonies-vasily-petrenko-royal-liverpool-philharmonic-orchestra/0730099111140   Apologies if it turns out if this is only available in UK or Europe..... CD quality download of a very positively reviewed set (both performances & sonics) of all 15 DSCH symphonies - for less than £10 GB! 
Hello - I'm looking to scratch an itch..... anyone in UK or Europe looking to sell their fazor'd LCD headphones? Must be boxed and in good condition, and ideally with 4-pin balanced cable. PM me if you can help.   thanks Alan
  Because this has a small bump on the top plate I'm selling for a bargain price.  It works perfectly, the best headphone amp I have had for driving Denon AHD-5000, beyer T-1s and Oppo PM-1.... however I also have the Oppo HA-1 and need the DAC in it for my main system, even though its not quaite as good as the Meier I'm keeping it for the DAC.   It has 2 inputs, selectable crossfeed switch and 2 selectable shelving filters to tailor the sound - but I preferred it...
Gorgeous High-end headphones, perfect condition, with all original packaging. Only used for a few hours before I took myself off to Hi-end Headphones shop and had a marathon audition session and eventually ended up with Oppo PM-1s. Soundwise they are not at all like the HD800 which I find thin sounding and hard work to listen to, these are much closer to the HD600 & HD650 with a detailed yet full bodied sound. In common with the HD650 I've owned previously, they sounded...
Ok - I tried to upgrade to FW 2.2, followed the instructions to the letter, I've done it before from original as shipped version 1.3 to 2.0 no problem - but now my X5 is dead and all it will do is show "system error!" in red letters. I've tried resetting with a pin, tried to start upgrade process again - but all I get is that message.   Any ideas before I send it back to dealer?  thanks
Hello - looking for excellent/as-new condition boxed pair of HD800 in UK or EU, let me know if you can help.   thanks Alan
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