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Audeze LCD-2 Headphones (Fazor) Superb orthodynamic headphones. Bamboo finish. Barely used, with cleaning lotion and cables for both 1/4" jack and 4-pin XLR balanced connection. Packed in original tough plastic strongbox. Perfect unmarked condition.  £600 incl UK postage.   Will also send to Europe, please contact for shipping quote.
Not many Shostakovich fans around here then?   Apologies if it turns out if this is only available in UK or Europe..... CD quality download of a very positively reviewed set (both performances & sonics) of all 15 DSCH symphonies - for less than £10 GB! 
Hello - I'm looking to scratch an itch..... anyone in UK or Europe looking to sell their fazor'd LCD headphones? Must be boxed and in good condition, and ideally with 4-pin balanced cable. PM me if you can help.   thanks Alan
  Because this has a small bump on the top plate I'm selling for a bargain price.  It works perfectly, the best headphone amp I have had for driving Denon AHD-5000, beyer T-1s and Oppo PM-1.... however I also have the Oppo HA-1 and need the DAC in it for my main system, even though its not quaite as good as the Meier I'm keeping it for the DAC.   It has 2 inputs, selectable crossfeed switch and 2 selectable shelving filters to tailor the sound - but I preferred it...
Gorgeous High-end headphones, perfect condition, with all original packaging. Only used for a few hours before I took myself off to Hi-end Headphones shop and had a marathon audition session and eventually ended up with Oppo PM-1s. Soundwise they are not at all like the HD800 which I find thin sounding and hard work to listen to, these are much closer to the HD600 & HD650 with a detailed yet full bodied sound. In common with the HD650 I've owned previously, they sounded...
Ok - I tried to upgrade to FW 2.2, followed the instructions to the letter, I've done it before from original as shipped version 1.3 to 2.0 no problem - but now my X5 is dead and all it will do is show "system error!" in red letters. I've tried resetting with a pin, tried to start upgrade process again - but all I get is that message.   Any ideas before I send it back to dealer?  thanks
Hello - looking for excellent/as-new condition boxed pair of HD800 in UK or EU, let me know if you can help.   thanks Alan
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