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Could be interested but where is P(R)L ?    
^ yes but I'm getting exactly the same result using a Schiit Lyr pushing out 6W in 32 ohms.  Which is hardly underpowered.     There is a huge disparity between what I am reading about the HE-6 and what I am hearing with my own ears.... there must be something wrong with the ones I have.  
Folks - rather than trying to wade through the hundreds of pages of threads on this headphone I thought I'd try the direct approach...   I am trying this 'phone at present and am finding the above results - thick heavy muddy sound, treble is poor and lacking detail. I am running them off a Lovely Cube BCL clone and a Schiit Lyr.   Both of these should have enough power, especially the Schiit.   All the posts I've seen hitherto have said that the HE-6 will sound...
Last time I looked, their "retail store" was a concession stand in an aisle of a shopping mall.  They might possibly have a few teenager-oriented glam cans to try out but not anything we'd be interested in.
I too wish they people who say "try before you buy" would say where.    I suspect they didn't either, because in 20+ yrs of hanging round hifi shops in the the UK, I've yet to find one that has a decent selection of headphones to audition.
I will NEVER buy anything from this retailer again.     BTW I have never ever felt moved to complain like this about any retailer before.   I bought a pair of of Hifiman HE-6 headphones from them online.  My order was not acknowledged nor any receipt received until I chased for it by email.  The phones arrived a short time later after being delayed by a fault found in their testing. Good that the first pair were tested.   At that point I enquired about speaker...
Bose Headphones actually quite good?   Yeah right, next thing you'll be saying that faster than light travel is possible!   Oh -
And anyone know how much power it puts into 50 ohms? I finally received the double opamp adapter a couple of weeks ago and have not really heard too much difference between 627,637 and others.   However am now driving a pair of Hifiman HE-6 from it.... and it seems to have enough power for the job, but quite dark sounding, not too bright treble at all.   
In answer to the title question - Yes. I have owned the Stax 4040 system and found it disappointing.  Even a fairly modest dynamic phone was far preferable for me.  I just find the Stax lacking in punch and slam. Great detail and soundstage sure, but very boring.   Whereas a good dynamic phone can give much more dynamics and Whack (tm).     The other problem I found with the Stax was a distinct colouration in the region where orchestral violins live.... as I major...
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