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Well, clearly not then.   But I made a bit of a discovery.  My vortexbox has a 12V 5A power adaptor. If I move it to a seperate AC wall socket, rather than the power distribution block which all the hifi usually shares.... the problem seems to go away.   Hmmm.   Still think I might try a different balanced haeadphone cable at some point to see if I can recreate the problem.
I will probably get round to that, but just wondering if anyone has a theory on what could be the cause?
Eh, that's what I am doing. 
Hello - I have been hugely enjoying a new pair of HD800S for a couple of weeks. I think I might have found my final headphone but for one small but annoying issue - they are singing to me!   If I use them with the 4-pin XLR cable from my Oppo HA-1, I am getting a very faint singing/whistling noise in the right-hand earphone. Its sometime noticeable in very quiet music - but once I notice it, I can't shut it out! If I jiggle the cable, the noise changes in frequency. If I...
 I reckon Chailly's 3rd with the Concertgebouw is one of the greatest recordings of anything ever. Its magnificent from beginning to end. But their 9th.... I think they were on mogadon that day.  I just find it slow & dull.   Interestingly (well kind of) I saw the Concertgebouw perform Mahler's 9th in 2013 with Daniele Gatti, who has recently been appointed their new chief conductor to replace Mariss Jansons. Oh dear.... wasn't much better, just seemed to skate over the...
  Turns out he's recorded more than half of them, mostly in 1980s I think. The set above is very good. He even conducts on this disc...
Any opinions of Francois Frederic Guy for Beethoven?  he first came to my attention when his recording of the Hammerklavier came tops in a BBC Radio 3 survey of available recordings, he since done a complete set live http://www.prestoclassical.co.uk/r/Zigzag/ZZT333   (complete bargain price BTW)   The sound is a bit over-reverberant but I get more out of these performances than out of Brendel's great 1970s set which I also have.  Still leaves room for Pollini & Levitt...
Offers welcome.  BTW - the balanced cable included for free here is an £80 extra. 
^ her Mozart K310 on that set is sublime.  As are the Brahms Violin Sonatas with Augustin Dumay  Can't believe she's in her 70's now. 
Sorry double post... browser hang!
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