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Hi, first time posting in many many years.  I am looking for some IEMs for my Iphone 4.  For headphones, I currently own the Sennheiser HD580, the Koss PortaPro, and the Klipsch S4i.  I like a little extra bass, so I went with the S4i recently, partly because it seems to be more robust/reliable than some of its competition such as the Sennheiser MM 50 iP and has a better high end than the Shure SE115m+.   Surprisingly, the S4i's may have a little too much bass for my...
JMT's CHA47 amp is definitely louder than the TA. I found this out at the Headroom road show. To me the TA is loud enough on my Panasonic 570 and Senn 580s. Are you sure you're not causing any hearing damage? Also, I'm not sure this is an option, but if you could turn the gain up on your source feeding the TA, without causing additional noise/distortion, you'd obviously be getting more volume because the TA can definitely handle it (at least my 9V version can).
Can you tell me where? I know half.com has some (not sure of the reliability of the seller). Where else? Tweeter?
Where do you get it? How much does it cost? Young
I take part of my rave of the Porta Pro over the Grado 60 back. Was just listening to the Porta Pros with some Diana Krall last night and noticed some detail was missing; detail I normally hear through my NHT 2.5 speakers or my Senn 580s. So perhaps the Porta Pro isn't the silver bullet I initially thought it was, but it's still a damn good pair of headphones. The Grado SR60s will certainly have much better detail and all the other goodies that are normally associated...
As far as I know, I was the last one to get it for $23 on Yahoo Shopping. (They originally informed me they were out of stock and emailed me 2 weeks later that they had one left). If you do a search on Yahoo Shopping, I believe you can still get it for about $30+shipping which is still a BARGAIN considering the quality of these things. They are FANTASTIC! I can't believe so much good sound comes out of these things. I haven't A/B tested them with the $60+ Grado SR60,...
It may depend on the soundcard. Which soundcard are you using? I don't even know which brand mine is which came with my HP desktop, but it's got tons of gain because it's made to drive passive speakers. Generally it sounds good driving my Senn HD 580s, but it's got a noticeable noise floor. I don't know if all soundcards have high gain, enough to drive the Senns with authority. Not knowing if that's the case with your card, you may opt for the easy to drive Grado SR60...
Slideman or others - What is this tour I keep reading about? Did it pass my way already (Chicago)? I'm really interested in seeing (hearing) if I like Crossfeed. How do I find dates for this tour?
What is the gain of the amp? Type/how many batteries? Is it appropriate for HD 580s? If for sale, can you PM the price to me? I'm thinking about your other two items also.
Hey, can I wear the KSC 35's under my bike helmet? Will they fit? I realize that the 35's don't really go into my ear so I'm concerned about how much they protrude out and potentially interfere with the helmet. (Now, whether or not I should be mountain biking with phones on in the first place is another debate we can discuss later). Also, how do the 35's react to sweaty ears ? Will they degrade/rust? Thanks!
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