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These are indeed very fine resolving headphones. Think Magneplanar Tympani speakers! Then you'll understand.   
NOPE! Bass is NOT weak. Just realistic. Very similar to the much vaunted Yamaha HP-1's of the same vintage. These both were AKG killers in their day, and darn respectable now for Opera and Classical music. I own them both and STAX Lamda Pros as well as a few odd AKG pro. monitor phones. Anybody remember the Jacklin Floats (electrostatics)? Or the superb Sonnus over ear sets?
Soime here may be interested in these. Just found them rummaging about resouces and links in the diy audio forums/amplifier/tube/valves: online tube learning for newbies. I bought some and thoght to spread the word they are avail. Anyway, have a look.   http://www.apexjr.com/images/CAPSTACK1.jpg http://www.apexjr.com/new.htm
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