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International shipping extra
Gently used. No noticeable wear on the headphones. Always kept in case or box. Sound great and they work flawlessly. Looking to sell only. Not open to trades at the moment. $185 PayPal plus whatever shipping you prefer. Message me with any questions.
Got these during the Black Friday deal one year but I have hardly used these, at all.  They are in excellent condition and the cable is still in awesome shape.  They will come with everything in the pictures.  The only thing missing will be the comply tips.  The other accessories have not even been used and were only taken out of the bag to take the picture.  I will ship anywhere within the CONUS.  If you have any questions please send me a message and I will reply asap....
I am fine with it having a different sound.  It would be nice being able to switch between the 900s and the 680s when I am wanting a different sound.  My main concern is the comfort.  I just find that the ear cups don't deep enough so my ear is resting on the hard plastic inside.  I even tried putting some cotton/felt in there to try and make it more comfortable but it didn't help.
Does anyone know if the Pro 900s significantly more comfortable than the HFI 680s?   They look pretty much exactly the same build except for a different ear cover.  The 680s hurt my ears after wearing them for a while.  I want to upgrade to the 900s but won't if I have the same problem as I do with my current ones. 
Looking to upgrade from my Ultrasone 680s.  I love the sound but they aren't really comfortable.  They start to hurt around my ears after listening for an hour.  Need something I can have long listening sessions with.  I would prefer something that has a sound similar to these.  I was wanting to buy the Ultrasone Pro 900s but they look the same as the 680s, just with felt ear covers.  Can anyone recommend me a good pair?     I want them to be a closed headphone and I...
Go for the Ultrasones.  But I suggest the 680s over the 580s.  I had both and the sound from the 680s is much more balanced.  I really love them.  I've had a few different pairs in that price range and these are the ones I recommend every time. 
I suggest Ultrasone HFi-780.  Good for the types of music you listen to.  Also, the price is very good on amazon
If these are still available I would be glad to take them off your hands.  I live in TX.
I bought these and sold them after 2 days.  I just didn't like the way they sounded that much.  A lot of people really like them though so it really is about preference.  Just as it is with anything else.  I also felt like I might accidentally break them eventually just by taking them out of my ears. 
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