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Curious to see how the resin holds up. Good luck I am done with geek.
Has anyone re-terminated their 650 stock cable to a balanced kobiconn connector, or any other connector for that matter?  I am assuming that it wouldn't be hard but haven't cut into the stock cable yet.
You can't beat their customer service, David is a great guy.  Currently enjoying the 650's single ended with the CLAS Stack (CLASS).  The kobiconn connectors that I ordered through digi key came in and I think I will try my hand at re-terminating the stock 650 cable to balanced.
Well if you could feed the yggy 3 different sources to be played on all 3 different amps.....
Well the dB crosses all but 5 & 7.  Personally I could careless about either.  My redbook collection is huge and I have no need or want for higher rez music or dsd.  Plus the duet sounds sooooo damn good I am questioning whether I need the LC.
They replaced with a brand new factory sealed unit?
What happened to the case?
Does anyone here use JRiver with the CLAS -dB?  I am very new to JRiver and was wondering what settings you all utilized.  Thanks in advance.
Thanks,  I am tinkering with the idea of making a balanced cable for the 650's out of the stock cable.  I purchased the kobiconn connectors from digikey.   I must say I am blown away by the duet/db combo straight out of the box (after fully charged first of course).  It is completely dead silent with my JH13 FP's, single ended to the phones.  JRiver, wasapi, bit depth to auto.....not too sure on JRiver settings very new to it.  Utilizing the balanced kobiconn cable from...
Thanks, I will be pairing them with my jh13fp's and my senn hd650's. Bonesy where did you get your balanced cable for your 650's or did you build your own?
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