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I have seen quite a few good ideas here. I am certain that the X7 will be a phenomenal device. Does anyone know when this may come to fruition?
Indeed and the great thing about this hobby is that we all hear things differently and should ultimately choose based on our preferences and experiences. For me that is currently the X5, however with the increasing rate of quality daps being released I am certain that there will never be an end game.
As I do not have the 90, the R10 or the O2/ODac any longer my preference is quite obvious. SQ wise again from memory as I do not have any except for the X5 currently, I would say that the X5 does not have the soundstage width of the 90 however it is really close, the instrument separation I would say goes to the X5 however again it is too close to call and will come down to your own preference. It also cannot compete with the power of the R10's amp, however you will...
EAC is alright however my preference is dbpoweramp. I don't mind throwing the developer a few bones every couple of years or so. Ogg has lossless now?
256gb x2? Or 256gb total? I can appreciate wanting all of your music I have almost 2TB of flacs that I ripped from my collection but do you really need to bring all of those with you? I only have 1 64gb and it certainly holds enough of my favorite albums. I guess what I am getting at is most people are likely content with either 2 64gb cards or 2 128 gb cards and don't really need to try otg USB hdd's. The X5 also scans a 64gb card chalk full of flacs in less than a...
Mike, How do you feel the DAC compares to the dacport? Choonyfish, I am not disappointed at all with the DAC in the X5 it and Fiio have exceeded my expectations and have converted an iBasso fan.
I continue to be impressed by the X5. It would be nice if Fiio would implement options for the physical buttons so that we could change what the buttons and wheel perform. It would certainly be more intuitive to have the back button on the upper left instead of the upper right. Also when you hold the upper right button to go back to the root it would be nice if it took you back to where you started instead of always to the folder. Aside from these minor details I...
Sorry Zorrofox I actually believed you were trolling.  In this case the only state in the US that has to pay taxes (assuming the purchase is made online) on a JDS Labs product is Illinois, since they are based there.  The one main exception to this is Amazon, it seems everyone gets charged their local taxes no matter where that person resides in the US.
How does that even apply?  What is bizarre is your interest in this and your candor, it would be nice if you would stop trolling.  However as taxed as our country is it is certainly not as taxed as you brits or the rest of Europe.
Unfortunately not.  Also I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it so I went with JDS.
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