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How about the Shure 846?
Didnt they state a sound that was close to the M? Also when they said that were they referring to the M as a standalone dap or in usb mode as a dac? Regardless looking forward to any impressions on the F.
I almost forgot thanks for letting me know that md is an authorized shure reseller. Definitely puts my mind at ease. These will be my first pair of shures.
Waiting is never an issue. Patience is an acquired skill, one that I lacked in my younger years.....
One last thing are we assured that these 846's are authentic through massdrop? Do they let you know where they purchase them through? Is warranty a concern?
I am really looking forward to these and the Calyx M. Who knows perhaps my jh13fp's may end up for sale.
Sweet, did you buy before or after my post?
I am new to Massdrop however I have heard that if enough people continue to join after the lowest drop they may drop it lower.
I have heard that the M has issues with certain low impedance phones. Hopefully the 846 is not one of those.
Anyone have the M and the shure 846? I am wondering how they pair and if the impedance adapter is necessary. I hopped in on the JavaScript and am now thinking perhaps I should cancel.
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