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It appears you think the rest of us do not use revealing monitors?
Brand new and sealed PFE 132 received from Earphone Solutions as a warranty replacement.  This includes the mic and controls for an iphone as well as ear guides, additional filters, cleaning tool, carrying case and an assortment of tips.  105 US including free shipping in the US, I am willing to ship outside of the US but additional fees will apply.
Well that and I am not sure if my ears are large enough for 5 separate ports. Are they all small ports? The Wizard couldn't fit 2 small ports and 1 large ports for my 8A when he built it a few years back, he had to go with 3 small ports.
AFAIK spiral does not ship to the states. You would need to have someone forward them or utilize a mail forwarding company.
Possibly, however this is business. Time to milk the cow that is head-fi. If people want it or can be persuaded to believe that they want or need it, then they will pay for it.
Well said flysweep, it is hard to obtain a better seal than letting your ears do it naturally. What are your thoughts on the 13's sq compared to other ciems/uiems?
Well we are all just ibasso fanboys.
We all hear thing differently. What are you pairing the 90 with and how many hours are on it?
33.1 lb 44.1 lb 55.1 lb
Just ensure that your impressions are in the x5 thread. From what I have seen in headfi I would not say that the majority have chosen the x5. I hope you enjoy your x5 and hopefully you will be able to demo both before making a decision.
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