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Mine shows delivery tomorrow. There were no extended stays at customs so hopefully mine comes sealed.
That's almost a paramore song. I believe it is brick by boring brick.
Indeed with popcorn. Trying to incite a lossless debate?
Wow after being told mine shipped on Tuesday and after receiving an email yesterday stating it was in hongkong from ibasso. Dhl changed their status to picked up this morning in Singapore.
Exactly and even before mine was issued two days ago they would not change the shipping to EMS.  Oh well customs better keep their sticky fingers out of my box!
DX90 you mean? Another +1 for the US although mine is still at step 1.
Mine is still shipment information received.
I would think that the Leckerton MKII would make a great companion to the 90 should it need an external amp. Here's to hoping that it's amp is on par with the dx100 or R10.
Or possibly the opposite. People who are accustomed to filet mignon would not purchase vegetarian no matter how cheap it is.
Line out and headphone out
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