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Good to know that batteries didn't help in that regard. Thanks.
I will be joining the club as I ordered a custom o2 with odac from JDS Labs. Is there any advantages to using the battery (which mine won't come with) as opposed to the wal-wart? Other than portability that is?
If you are around NYC Dr Beth Orliss does a phenomenal job taking impressions. Gull over is a real treat too. That being said I don't break seal however as I said you can certainly feel pressure differences.
Mine is only a few hundred behind it.
Lying down puts different stress on your canals. You should feel that.
When is the geekout 100 going to be available for preorder? It seems like the 450 would likely make my jh13fp's hiss and since I am extremely sensitive to hiss it would be a no go. Anyone else have a 13fp and a 450?
Purchased directly from Amazon not a third party.  Retail sealed 128gb sandisk micro sd card.  Photos available upon request.  Free shipping in the continental US.  Paypal only.
My canals are scrawny as well. I thought all of the jh13's were the same diameter. I usually tip them upside down while cleaning them.
The tool will fit in there, just push it in gently it will compress. Mine has bubbles as well, all of my ciems have had them.
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