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Lol. Here comes the flame war.
You mean 500?
Let us know your invoice number.
Time to sharpen my soldering skills and make a kobiconn to XLR cable.
Pure sonic bliss I would think. One of these days maybe I will save enough for the yggy.
It's nice to know that the LC is very close to the LAU. I can hardly wait to hear it. It is hard to imagine that the LC will handily best the Duet sonically. Looking forward to it nonetheless.
I have never heard the Hugo however I wouldn't have a hard time believing it. The CLAS Stack definitely is top shelf in terms of both build and sound quality, it surpasses anything I have previously owned. I can't remember ever enjoying music this much.
Well there will always be something newer.....I think this is my end game.....for a while at least.
Curious to see how the resin holds up. Good luck I am done with geek.
Has anyone re-terminated their 650 stock cable to a balanced kobiconn connector, or any other connector for that matter?  I am assuming that it wouldn't be hard but haven't cut into the stock cable yet.
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