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Sweet good to know. Now the roflmao makes sense.
While I appreciate humor (more than most) and more often than not respond in ways that are ultimately for my own benefit, I wasn't attempting to amuse myself or anyone else.Of the 2 reviews that I have read Stillharts imho was the better read and he did a great review in little to no time.
Indeed excellent review, you should think about reviewing professionally! Looking forward to the LC!
Looking forward to your thoughts. 
Nope still not at 500 according to the good doctor. Can't imagine they all haven't sold out yet.
Maybe you should add to the thread instead of taking away from it. Troll much?Have you ever used the AC14MKII? If so what are your thoughts on it? It should work fine with the LC.
You may not want to give it a listen if you don't want to keep it.
Good catch on the AC14SE MKII. I would think that the 14 gauge cable would suffice as well. Dr. Cavalli what are your thoughts? Also what is the maximum power draw on the LC?
Thanks for the advice.
Well as with most anything on head fi the benefits are quite subjective. The benefits that one person see may differ from that of another. If you are happy with your purchase for whatever reason then enjoy it. Your opinion is the only one that matters.
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