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Thanks. I have heard that dac is the weakest link in the oppo, so assuming that that is true and the Gungnir is 849 the Oppo is a good deal at its current price. Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks, with planars where would you rate the oppo DAC? Curious if it is at the Gungnir level.
Does anyone here have thoughts on the Oppo HA-1? I realize that it is a Sabre DAC however I am curious to read additional opinions on it.
Thinking about pre ordering an ether with a dum cable. For those that have heard both does the ether warrant the extra 700 clams over the primes?
You will and please let me know. I canceled my LC order recently and ordered a HA-1. Hoping that everything I read is correct.
It is hard to gauge anything based on reviews and others thoughts as most are biased. I have read in the audio gd threads that there are people that feel that the gd amp(s) in their combo unit is better than flagship Cavalli amps. I have also read that of those that have the oppo and have heard gd products that the oppos amp is better. I have also read that the LC is close but doesn't sound as good as its flagship brethren. If we were to take all these different views...
How is the sound compared to the NFB-28?  I am really on the fence on which way to go between the HA-1, NFB-28 and the Mjolnir/Gungnir.
Okay, so I am in the hunt for my first desktop setup and I keep coming back to the HA-1.  Does anyone have Audio GD NFB-28, I am wondering how these two compare?  I realize that the oppo has additional features and is definitely the classier looking unit, especially in black.  Specifically how do the dacs compare and what 9018 dac is in the oppo?  Is it the desktop version or the k2m?
Looking for some help on my first desktop rig. Looking at the Oppo HA-1, Schiit Mjolnir / Gungnir Stack, Audio GD 10.32, etc? Any recommendations and/or comparisons appreciated. Will be paired with Alpha Primes and Sennheiser HD650's.
Or the 3.5 single ended input.
New Posts  All Forums: