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I apologize I wanted to actually compliment them as I have been pretty hard on them lately. I certainly didn't mean to start the finger pointing.
I dealt strictly with Manny. I covered the shipping there but they covered it back.
I must say I am pleased with LH. I opened a ticket about two weeks ago about the noise on my 450 with my jh13fp's. I sent my 450 back to them last Friday and today I received my brand new and sealed go100 at no additional costs. Kudos to Manny and the LH team.
827 or 627? I know a 827 exists but how does it compare to the 627?
Noble cable review.
Someone's a little ornery today? We get it you love being able to swap out a battery. Not everyone needs that functionality, with the number of hours I work I do not get much time for listening lately, nor would I use any of my gear at work. Currently I do not have a portable MP3 player I utilize a usb dac, the port and my phones with my desktop PC running wasapi and media monkey. Are there any issues with this?
Fair point I forgot about that sub forum, maybe a mod will move it?
Maybe, However the anker is more than 1 or 2 9v batteries, it is 20,000 mah. It claims to charge a galaxy s4 6 times.
I have ordered this one, is there a better one?
Nah pull out a trusty anker USB charger.
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