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The Marantz pairs superbly with the Alpha Primes as well. I upgraded to 10 Wednesday evening however it nuked my ethernet. My ethernet was intermittent some reboots it would work others it wouldn't. On one that did I downloaded the 10 ISO from Microsoft and need to wipe my box yet. From above I shouldn't have any issues them as I will need to reinstall the Marantz driver.
Another 80's product. I never really got into records, although listened every once in awhile to my parents records from the 60's on my Fisher Studio Standard system. Cassette tapes are another story, I had far too many of those. I couldn't be happier to get rid of them. Then the early 90's hit and I received my first CD player a sony car discman, love hate relationship with that thing. It didn't work more often than it did. Then began the days of Columbia house and...
I didn't think about that. I always use flacs, thanks.
From the sounds of it the LC is phenomenal with anything. Curious as to how the Meridian Director pairs with it.
Sweet good to know. Now the roflmao makes sense.
While I appreciate humor (more than most) and more often than not respond in ways that are ultimately for my own benefit, I wasn't attempting to amuse myself or anyone else.Of the 2 reviews that I have read Stillharts imho was the better read and he did a great review in little to no time.
Indeed excellent review, you should think about reviewing professionally! Looking forward to the LC!
Looking forward to your thoughts. 
Nope still not at 500 according to the good doctor. Can't imagine they all haven't sold out yet.
Maybe you should add to the thread instead of taking away from it. Troll much?Have you ever used the AC14MKII? If so what are your thoughts on it? It should work fine with the LC.
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