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It doesn't. I would check settings in the player.
Roflmao. Someone is quite full of himself. Oh well live and let live! BTW the world isn't flat either.
Pair the 650 with the Team CLAS stack balanced throughout. The pairing and sound are stellar. Oh don't forget the spc headphone lounge balanced cable and the CLAS balanced mini interconnect.
Odd my brand new 650's pads weren't hard as a rock.
Time to be on the forefront of a new standard.
Why isn't the input XLR a four pin? I realize most outputs are the dual 3 pin however an adapter could easily be made and it would allow for a kobiconn balanced input.
I recently received the headphone lounge spc kobiconn cable that I ordered. I must say I am completely blown away by the balanced sound of the 650 paired with the duet and db. So much so that I haven't used my jh13pro fp's. Complete sonic bliss.
A used Glacier I'm assuming?
Quite a bit all single ended though. Check my signature.
I must say as great as the Duet and the HD650 sound single ended, it sounds even better balanced.  I unsuccessfully tried to upgrade my stock hd650 cable and ended up purchasing a silver plated copper kobiconn balanced cable from Ted.  Completely floored by the sound, I suspect it is more to do with the fact that I am balanced and have additional power than because of the silver plated copper.  The cable however is great, I only wish that the outer sheathing was black, I...
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