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Talked to Todd at TTVJ, I don't think that they have one unless I find a usb a female to micro female adapter. Anyway I found this one
Okay so where would one obtain a micro usb cable to connect to an android phone?
Where would one get a cable to connect to a micro usb android phone?
I will say that feeding the glacier via USB sounds phenomenal. Even though I have the mobile networks turned off I still get interference through the glacier from the WiFi when the glacier is stacked below the opo and thus I need to turn on airplane mode. Problem solved. BTW the only reason I bought the opo was for portable streaming to the glacier. I only wish it was a little smaller to match the glaciers footprint. If I could put the opo on the Verizon network I...
I think invites are done until after the pre-order
Okay before I tried usb audio, I took the new update and I can confirm that the opo works with the Glacier. The volume in Neutron automatically went to 100 and it streams USB divinely. Does anyone know if it is bit perfect?
Sorry it sold.
I wonder if Pete hand solders everything?  That pcb is certainly impressive.
Like new and in mint condition black geekout 100.  Used approximately 2 hours.  Will be sold with all original accessories, box and manual.  Free shipping in the continental US will ship abroad at the purchasers expense.  Photos available upon request.
Thats a pretty busy pcb.  Quick question for the glacier owners when plugging a dac (that is powered on) line out (like the geekout for instance) into the line in on the glacier do you have the glacier off or on?  Does it matter?
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