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Been doing some research on the Gustard X12 and I am now leaning towards that. MD has them for 439.
If anyone is interested my calyx M is up for sale in the fs forum.
Anyone know of any reviews on the gustard x12?
How about the emotive stealth dc-1.
Regardless I believe that I would like to cancel my order, am I able to do this by logging back into your website?
Dr Cavalli, I wanted to say thanks for giving the rest of us an opportunity to own a Cavalli. I do have a question as mentioned earlier there is a new v2 geekout that will have a balanced 3.5 TRRS. To my knowledge there is no line out and if previous models are any indication the output voltage will vary depending on the power selected (as the power can be selected as 100mw or 1000mw). At a certain volume (controlled in software) the amped output is a pseudo line out. ...
That would be nice I have purchased 2 450's and a 100 and now pre ordered the v2.
Indeed this is true. How do we cancel an order then? I just assumed they were like all of your other gimmicks a cost perk after your order was placed. In all actuality maybe it would be nice to give those of us who have supported you originally a free upgrade to the infinity.
And never mind approximately 4 months.
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