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Have you enabled gapless in the settings? It is off by default.
I asked awhile back if gapless was enabled. If it isn't does it cross fade?
Burn in cable. Plug it in and let it burn baby. It just allows you to run without burning out or in your phones.
I actually get two clicks. One for the unit and one for the screen. If memory serves correctly I believe that the dx50 was the same way. I am really enjoying the sound with my jh13fp's. For those of you that had an issue with gapless (I do not with any live albums so far) did you enable gapless in the settings?
Dhl just delivered my dx90 (5pm). The plastic dhl mailer was sealed however the external ibasso box (not the internal box) had been taped both length and width with yellow tape that covers most of the boxs width. Did everyone else's box come this way.
Well we all hear things differently.
Did you order the 128gb Sandisk from Amazon as well? Mine was ordered over a month ago as well and hasn't shipped either. But for the price, under 120 I couldn't resist.
How long of a delay. When mine arrived at any new port it was only a matter of minutes, sometimes within the same minute before it was cleared and subsequently processed. I'm assuming that the clearance is customs?
Glad to hear that the 90 is not so far removed from the Hugo. I also assume that Jamato has more hours on his 90 than the other fellow that owned the 90 and the Hugo.
Mine shows delivery tomorrow. There were no extended stays at customs so hopefully mine comes sealed.
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