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Take a look at the phonak pfes before they are gone. You can get the pfe 012's from earphone solutions for under 100 and then buy a set of grey and/or black filters. Can't go wrong with them. I have also heard good things about the rockit r50's, but haven't heard them.
My pfe 012's have the same cable. Listening to them right now with the stock green filters and my SGS4. I need to crank the volume up almost all the way but they sound pretty good maybe a little too much quantity for my liking, I will certainly swap them out for the grays soon. Looking forward to my pico dac/amp to pair with it as the pfes are really hard to drive. I also ordered the forza audio works copper otg cable. Now the wait until Decembers JHA's discount to...
Any updates Justin?
You have had id theft through PayPal? I have purchased thousands of dollars of items online and have never had an issue. One needs to use common sense to ensure that one is purchasing from a reputable seller of which lendmeurears is. They do stock some earphones in a us warehouse and there will not be any custom fees if you reside in the us and purchase a set that ships from there. Again through PayPal the seller will only have your PayPal email account, name and...
This may be true however when purchasing through PayPal no account information is ever provided to anyone. None, nothing, zilch.
I am not sure what you are so worried about. Lendmeurears is a reputable dealer and PayPal shares no financial information whatsoever. The merchant will only see your name and address the same information that you will have to provide to receive your item even if you use one of the other load and go cards. Some of those you even have to register online with an address. Are you on the lamb? I have a hard time understanding all of this.
Lendmeurears is fine. I have purchased from them many times. Plus PayPal never shares any of your financial information.
Of course this isn't the first thread that you have stirred the pot...nor likely will it be the last. I shall no longer continue to enable you to derail another thread. This is my last post on the subject.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, why do you have to revive this topic? There are those that like to stir things up.....
Value engineering at its finest.
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