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More dollars than cents (sense). Diminishing returns.
Well maybe it surpasses it? What do the se's run?
Even with the go100 I get a small amount of hiss with my 13's it doesn't get louder the higher the volume goes and you can't tell it is there while the music is playing unless it is completely silent. It is there howeve none the less. But the sound is as you said exceptional.
If you don't have it plugged in it will ask (maybe tell) you to plug it in.
Quick question what is the best way to upgrade the driver.  I just installed the new driver first without uninstalling the old driver.  I am thinking it may have been better to uninstall the old first.
I must say I am thoroughly enjoying the GO100 with the new firmware and driver.  Pure audio bliss with my JH13's fed directly from the GO.  Pink Floyd never sounded so good!    I HAVE BECOME COMFORTABLY NUMB!!!!!   Hats off to LH Labs
If anyone is interested I put my micro up for sale in the fs forums.
Portaphile 627 micro in mint condition and used for less than 1 charge. Decided to purchase the 627X. PayPal only, free shipping in the US. Willing to ship abroad at the purchasers expense. Buyer to pay PayPal fees. Photos available upon request.
Indeed. Cheers. I thought I was a lot older than a lot of the young whippersnappers here on head-fi. However you have around 3 decades or better on me as I was born in '77. Live long and prosper old dude.
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