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I must say I am thoroughly enjoying the GO100 with the new firmware and driver.  Pure audio bliss with my JH13's fed directly from the GO.  Pink Floyd never sounded so good!    I HAVE BECOME COMFORTABLY NUMB!!!!!   Hats off to LH Labs
If anyone is interested I put my micro up for sale in the fs forums.
Portaphile 627 micro in mint condition and used for less than 1 charge. Decided to purchase the 627X. PayPal only, free shipping in the US. Willing to ship abroad at the purchasers expense. Buyer to pay PayPal fees. Photos available upon request.
Indeed. Cheers. I thought I was a lot older than a lot of the young whippersnappers here on head-fi. However you have around 3 decades or better on me as I was born in '77. Live long and prosper old dude.
Give nirvana unplugged a listen if you haven't.
I believe there is a list on media monkeys site that shows the differences between the two. I just decided to buy the lifetime upgrade before I bought dbpoweramp as I believe at that time one of the features was unlimited ripping speed and I had my whole collection to rip. However when I realized that dbpoweramp had accuraterip I was sold.
Foobar isnt that bad.  I mainly utilize mediamonkey gold currently and of course I have always used dbpoweramp after initially trying EAC.
9018 or just the k2 or w/e is in the go?
I would think for all geek outs
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