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Keep us updated.  It sounds fantastic with the portaphile.
I spoke with him early last week, sometimes he gets very busy and may not get a chance, I would send him another email maybe it got thrown into his spam or junk folder? 
Shouldnt be I use the P627M out of the 47ohm jack on my 100
Relax. All good things come to those that wait. As far as the price it is a rough estimate as some of the components are known. If you don't like the estimated price don't buy one.
I am still not sure if it is a true line out though.
That's why it is better to utilize the line out to your favorite amp.
What are your thoughts?  Inquiring minds and all, have you ordered a Portaphile from Cesar yet?   The P627M continues to impress me, I have used it so far with the DX90, the UD120 and the GO100.  I thought that the GO100 was impressive enough on its own however the P627M brings it to another dimension.  I have ordered a Meridian Explorer from Amazon (on sale for 149, there were 3 left at that price earlier however they are now all gone with more stock expected on...
Wow, and I thought that the GO100 was good by itself (by the way it is for portable use) however when I used the go100 lineout to the P627M my ears were treated to nothing short of audio bliss.  The slightly audible hiss is gone and there is a fuller more analog sound with a larger 3d soundstage.  The volume slider still controls the volume so I left it at 100%.  Looking forward to what the P627M will do with the Meridian Explorer.
Nah man you have it all wrong.....we all need to BELIEVE!
What a.....wait for it.........GUMP!
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