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With all of the clues that I left it wouldn't be hard to figure out who I thought it was. Anyway since I am not 100% certain I wasn't going to name anyone. If it was Mike hopefully we will see a review on the X compared to the original and to other top of the line amps.
It looks like USPS may deliver mine today. Crosses fingers.
It's funny I asked the same question to Cesar awhile back and this was the response that I received. " Here is the feedback I've received from the one I have out for review. " "I've listened to the 627X more thoroughly yesterday. The new amp is very good. It definitely has more bass body which IMO is a good thing and makes it a more balanced sound than the first version. The smooth spacious soundstage is still there not lacking one bit. I very much welcome the...
My 627X should be here by this Saturday.  Looking forward to it will update and post photos after spending some time with it.
Hopefully you find the seal that you are looking for.
X2 The 8a's are very detailed they will serve it up on a silver platter for you, you just need to listen....the port does wonders with the 8's however I really miss the glacier...
I don't own a 650 however if you do the math and assume that the 4a is a lower overall score and the 8a is a higher (or vice versa for that matter) and divide by two you are stating that the 650 is in between the 4 and the 8. Now if you think that the 4a and 8a are equal then the 650 would be equal to both. What point were you trying to make?
It seems fathomable that the warranty on the drivers should start expiring on day 1 that the owners receives them and expire 2 years from that date. If a year were added for every ownership transfer than Heir would have to cover them for 4 years. I apparently am missing something here, it is less than a year since the original owner took ownership? Is the issue with the build quality on the ciem itself or was the issue caused by the owner?
Goodluck with the job search after you are completed. Especially if you are located here in the States.
From Texas and now in China by way of alot of different stops in between. He is everywhere and nowhere...we're off to see the Wizard!
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