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I realize that it is supposed to help the 4r however I really only use iems and may order the jh13fps soon and I do not wish to utilize an impedance adapter on all iems that may effect the sound just to get rid of the hiss. Besides I really like the glacier and the overall size is smaller than the Theorem.
I was emailing David before making my decision to send the Theorem back and they are not offering a mod or planning a revision anytime soon iirc.
I just received the clas db and glacier combo from TTVJ, I must say Todd is definitely another great guy to deal with.  There is no hiss whatsoever with the combo and my 4R's...I forgot how great the Glacier sounds and adding the db I dont believe I am missing anything from the Theorem except for an all in one device and of course the hiss. nieces refer to Ramen as crackhead soup. Sorta fitting...need those new nobles I just gotta have the no no the 10c....IMO just go for the 10c else you will suffer withdrawal aka flagshipitus.
Could be one from Ted.
That may be true however if there is hiss it has been in audible in my previous amps at least to me.
It's really not that bad however OCD makes it worse. You know it's there and thus you can't help but listen for it.
Well I decided to send the Theorem back. I really wanted to keep it as it sounds phenomenal however I was unable to get past the hiss. I opted for the clas db and glacier.
No mod yet, however since most head fiers in the Westone 4 thread recommend using the 4r with a 100 ohm resistor I finaly decided to use the one that I purchased from Ebay.  And voila hiss existant, totally silent black background.  They say that the resistor fixe alot of issues with the 4r my question is would it cause any other unwanted issues other than possibly draining the Theorems battery faster?
Thanks, I actually emailed cypher labs and I was surprised to have had my email answered directly by David, I have just asked him if they offer any mods that may get rid of the hiss for high sensitivity low ohm iems. I expect not but will update here if they do. The Theorem is a great piece in time hopefully the hiss will become less noticeable.
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