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Thanks. Is the Dac-19 the same dimensions as the nfb-1 amp? Pondering canceling my LC order and buying this audio gd combo.
Amp wise the 720 is superior from my memory. Dac wise will be up to the individual, I prefer the AKM in the cypher.
I apologize but what exactly is acss? It isn't balanced correct?
How about the 10.33? Does anyone know how that amp compares to other audio gd amps?
Opinions are just that. There are others who don't feel the same way and others that do. Certainly give it a listen before passing judgement.
He is referring to the volume potentiometer which is part of the circuit.
Dr Cavalli with the pot delay will more units be initially shipping once the pots are received?
Any updates Dr. Cavalli on the LC's production progress?
Speaking of cables has the majority here gone with the dum or standard cable? Aside from aesthetics for those of you that have both are there any other differences?
Does anyone know if the 800's are on sale anywhere from an authorized dealer?
New Posts  All Forums: