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Tell me about it, it has been collecting dust on the top shelf of my closet. My X5 however has been getting a lot of playtime.
Be careful or wait for the new firmware that was supposed to be out today.....mine has been sitting unused for over a month.
Any update on the driver release? Did they mean next Friday?
I would like to add: The Airborne Toxic Event - All I Ever Wanted Live from the Walt Disney Concert Hall As previously mentioned The Eagles When Hell Freezes Over, Nirvana Unplugged and Eric Clapton Unplugged.
Looking forward to the updated driver release on Friday Larry. I for one haven't even used my GO as it has been collecting dust for over a month since I received it. I refuse to damage my ears, my ciems/iems nor would I even consider selling my GO until such time that the volume issue is addressed. From what I have been reading on the LH Forum is it true that this will finally be fixed with a firmware update this Friday?
Hmmm. I only need to select the folder icon from the main page to be brought to the TF and otg page. It is hard to compare any differences in sound with only 1 X5, it still sounds great to me. The bass certainly isn't lacking as the 13's still rumble.
Not sure if that will do the trick or not.
Have you tried a factory reset, upgrade the firmware and try another factory reset?
Do you think it has anything to do with their new found focus for milking the crowd funding cash cow? Why bother with fixing the firmware which may cause hearing damage when they were so kind to include that warning on the geek out? After all they are simply doing us a favor, by stating on the label that their device may cause hearing damage. This should preclude them from any backlash shouldn't it? Why bother letting anyone know that although they were promised...
Have you tried reflashing 2.2? I have no animation issues on startup.
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