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It does not have an optical in. It is a great amp and should be a great fit for the 16's.
Although Rudy from the R10 thread believes this to be the case. I have purchased a toshiba exceria but haven't tested it yet.
lol I am pretty certain that he was being facetious.
Okay so while the clip zip sounds good, I didn't realize that when you plug in headphones while it is paused (after unplugging them while pausing first) that it will auto play.  I immediately unplugged the headphones before the thought crossed my mind that that wouldn't be a good idea since the plug may not even have been in all the way.  Question is will this hurt the 13 fp's?    Has anyone else plugged unplugged them while music is on?  I thought that pausing and...
Update.  I received my JH 13FP's yesterday and they fit absolutely perfectly.  A big thanks again to Beth.  Highly recommended.  Give Gulliver our best.
Wow these things sound great right out of the gate.  Radshack has the clip zip 8gb's on sale for 44.99 so I had to pick one up.  Got it rockboxed and that little thing matches well with the 13FP's it doesn't have the oomph like the R10 but it pairs nicely.
I received my jh13fp's today and they fit absolutely perfectly. I haven't been home yet to plug them in but they look great and I love JH Audio case. More impressions to follow.
Depends on what you are using them with. The theorem has hiss with high sensitivity low impedance phones. From what I have read the duet does not. If you are using high sensitivity low impedance phones I would go with the solo db and duet. With this combo you also get more options for connection instead of just USB.
For sale basically brand new (received on 02/10/14, purchased from pricejapan through Amazon Japan) and in mint condition iBasso/hibino HDP-R10. The original factory screen protector has not even been removed. It has only been used for less than an hour. Will come with 1 brand new original Hibino screen protector to replace the throw away screen protector on the unit. All other original accessories and packaging including the warranty card included. Free quick...
Really an external amp will make a noticeable difference? I have read and also feel from memory (we all know how that is) that the internal amp in the dx/hdp is top notch. It is certainly very close to the Portaphile 627 which I consider the best amp I have ever heard or owned. Close enough that I wouldn't feel the need to purchase an external amp. Out of curiosity which amp do you use with it Al? I suppose depending on your preferences an external amp may change the...
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