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It helps when I have the interconnect pushed all the way into the 100.  I thought I may have had issues with the 47 ohm port as I was hearing feedback in the left channel and barely any audio in the right.  I definitely need to get some sleep.  Anyway after solving that problem I have been going back and forth from the 47 ohm output feeding the Glacier to the Glacier as a dac/amp (again in self powered mode, have you used the Glacier in this manner?) and there are some...
Curious to know how you would rate the Glacier compared to the other portable amps that you own.
Curious to see if the production GO 100 is weak in output voltage.  I would think that it should output 2v.....
The Glacier is also the best looking portable amp I have ever owned, I am glad that I was able to get one of the last two to ever be made before the last of the new glaciers were sold out.  I haven't listened to the GO since getting the Glacier however I really dont feel that I am missing anything dac wise.
Why sell the 100 to get a 450?  If I wanted to I would just use the 100's 47 ohm output to feed the Glacier.  I dont really see the difference am I missing something?  I really wouldn't say that the go's dac decimates the Glaciers built in dac either.  I am using the Glaciers DAC in self powered mode (the dac is powered by the Glacier's battery and not usb) and it sounds incredible.  I will try to do some ab'ing this weekend.
I love the 100 however I am really enjoying the Glacier again.  I may have to put the 100 in the fs forum.
I'll update this thread with my findings.  I was going to ordered the portaphile X but when I found out that the Glacier wasn't going to be made anymore I had to have one and I got one of the last two ever built.
Sure usb audio. I can't wait to pair this with my glacier.
Whew a lot of posting and guessing however I finally won an invite. Looking forward to the opo. It should pair divinely with my glacier.
It would be greatly appreciated.
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