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Or buy both if your budget allows. Does fiio have a return policy similar to ibasso? If so just return whichever you like err don't like in this case.
There are those that say from a sq perspective you would be fine whichever way you choose. If you are still having problems deciding at this point I would think you need to look at whichever player suits your needs better whether it be form factor, functions or aesthetics.
Was that your first time scanning?
I am curious about the new firmware but do not want to chance the music fading or skipping the last 2 seconds of a song as my 90 with original firmware has not ever experienced any of those issues.
This is a topic for another forum, however I will say in MS's defense that they do not cherry pick what hardware they support like other companies and therefore have to develop drivers for everything instead of a minute amount of selected hardware.
Actually it is still the 15th here.  Holding out hope.
I have yet to have a playback issue. All of my flacks however were ripped from my cd collection with dbpoweramp. Looking forward to the windows driver, does anyone know if 64bit will be released this week?
Lol all joking aside it is nice to know that you can charge it and utilize it at the sametime.
Did you really suggest that headfiers purchase a cable from the 99 cent store? What kind if sense would that make? There must be a silver/gold cable with solid gold contacts available somewhere.
Samsung, sandisk and toshiba
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