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24 bit 192 max and no dsd opposed to 32 bit 384 with dsd. Among a lot of other differences as well, the HD has a higher dynamic range, lower thd, higher voltage and power to name a few. IMHO the HD is well worth the extra $$$$$. For the price of what the 450go ran at retail the HD is a no brainer as its power is similar to the 750go. If the implementation is as good as the original DACport which I suspect it will be or better it should sound better than the GO's. The...
Well as a less costly alternative the DACport HD will be released soon. It utilizes the akm4490 Dac pushes 470mW into a 50 ohm load and has a lineout. It should be a nice hold me over until the LC shows up and even after when using it as a Dac to feed the LC. Plus it is only 199 from centrance direct or 175 if you back it on indiegogo.
The soekris dac I would think would fit into a carbon case as well.
I have heard back from CEntrance and there is a lineout, the HD will also output 470mW into a 50 ohm headphone.
I guess I am unable to follow your train of thought. What do other amps not having a phase splitter have to do with anything?Just because a hypothetical Dac has the same form factor as a limited run amp certainly doesn't mean that it will be unable to be used by other amps.I apologize however I am at a loss.
CEntrance has released an updated DACport utilizing the AKM 4490 and a direct coupled (capacitor free) class A audio circuit with 18V rails. The HD supplies a total of 775 mW and the Slim supplies 450 mW total power. It also appears the headphone out can be utilized as a lineout as well. CEntrance is showing the HD as in stock on their website, the Slim is available only at Massdrop. Here is a link to the HD.
R2R would be awesome as mentioned self powered so it doesn't utilize usb power Matching stack with the LC No volume control, dedicated line out Balanced XLR output and rca out A few of us were looking at the soekris ladder dac, I am sure you want to build a Dac from the ground up instead of purchasing a pre configured board, just throughout that out there. If a ladder Dac is not feasible the akm4490 would be a great choice.
Let me be the first to offer money for Cavallis new kickstarter campaign.
I'm in for a LCD, liquid carbon dac or ladder carbon Dac. Or LLCD Liquid ladder carbon Dac. Or LCLD liquid carbon ladder Dac.
So a similar internal conversion like the LC does with a SE DAC?
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