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I think the 3.5 he is referring to the 1/8th inch line out of the ud120.
Cesar is currently running a sale for those interested. The 627 micro and X are both 50 off. Making the price 449 and 549 respectively. Act fast to pick up one of these fabulous amplifiers from one of the best (& IMHO The Best) in the business before the sale is over.
I wouldn't hold your breath!
Well he does own the SE, he just hasn't received it yet. Does that count?
I must be confused. Isn't the SE just the special edition geek out? Do you really think that it will differ greatly from the original geekouts or the 100?
Precisely. I mean he did post in a geek out thread yes?
Okay so I finally decided to try the geekout 450 even before the volume issue has been corrected.  I do get noticeable noise with my JH13 FP's when there is no music playing, once the music is playing unless there is complete silence in the track you or if you focus on trying to hear it you would be hard pressed to notice it.  Unfortunately it seems to be all I can focus on especially in live albums.  Does anyone else with JH13's notice the noise or is it possibly a...
How does the pure II compare against the portaphile?
There are plenty of cost effective dacs out there, that function they way that they are supposed to. Personally I would wait until the issues are fixed before purchasing one. SQ is subjective and we all hear things differently. DSD is also subjective. Have you looked at the stoner acoustics if you only require a dac? The new 120 is getting really positive feedback and is only 79 shipped, I just purchased one a few days ago and I am eager to receive it.
I ordered a 120 the other day. How would you rate the 120 compared to the odac?
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