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I also placed an order for the 110 I will let you know if it works with the sgs4.
Mine from Amazon didnt come with the triple flanges either.  If you call westone they will send you out a new complete set.  I questioned it myself and even returned them to Amazon 3 times I believe and all 4 came the same way, without the triple flanges.  Westone CS states they should be coming with them which is confusing.
It connects via usb. For an all in one portable you would be hard pressed to find better. The portaphile 627 bests the amp section of the pico however the port doesnt have a built in dac.
Only on the dac. It allows android devices such as the sgs4 3 and note 2 to stream to pico.
I have the pico dac amp which is 499. It is a resistor mod free of charge.
Works fine on a s4, make sure that you request the mod. Justin is a great guy and will bendover backwards to help you out however his communication is sub par.
Amazon has the Westone 4R for 319.95 & free shipping.  This was posted in the Westone 4 thread.  Westone4rDeal
Just because sq isnt their main concern in no way means that all phones have less than excellent sound. With the s4 you can also utilize the phone as a transport and send a digital signal to an external dac/amp.
Like new Westone 4R comes with all accessories and original packaging. Only 1 set of tips have been used and those will not ship all others are brand new. Buyer to pay paypal fees, free shipping in the US. I will ship outside of the US but the buyer will pay shipping fees. Photos available upon request, warranty card has not been filled out and will ship with the 4r's.
And there we have it. Thanks flysweep. must hold off...upgradeitus the pico dac amp is a stellar piece of gear...must...resist...
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