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I believe it had a full green circle it definitely said charged. as long as it says charging while it is charging then mine definitely came fully charged. Did anyone elses?
Thanks. I am not used to daps coming fully charged or any other device for that matter.
Mine was the 11th batch as well. I plugged mine into my galaxy s4 wall charger and cable with the dx50 powered off and it immediately had the green circle that said charged. Not sure why it has the period but it does. Does it have the same green circle when it is charging if so does it say charged. when it is charging as well?
I just received my DX50 as well and I am impressed thus far. It is definitely beautiful to look at.
X2. Looking forward to additional impressions.
Really? It's not that bad and english is not the primary language for alot of people here... I just ordered the super deluxe nirvana in utero 20th anniversary and a 64gb micro sd card in preparation for the dx50.
Dopaminer you really shouldnt be tormenting your children so is X-Mas after all.DHL shot me an email delivery tomorrow for my DX50.
Really? Come on were both Verified with the same exact results?
Roflmao, my wife gave up on that.
Did they email they tracking information to you?
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