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A very good read Link Link2
I'll second the flacs. There are some good reads on higher bit rate files. I will see if I can dig up a link.
Glad to hear that you are enjoying them. I just called today to have my 13's expedited as they just received my impressions last Friday. They are slated to ship on the 13th and deliver on the 14th. Very excited and well worth the extra 100.
For sale basically brand new (received on 1/27/14) and in mint condition iBasso/hibino HDP-R10.  It has only been used for about an hour.  Will come with all original accessories and packaging including the warranty card.  The unit has been updated to the latest beta firmware 8.03.  Free shipping within the United States via usps priority, paypal only, fees included in price.
Well I erased the NAND and reflashed. All seems ok.
I just update to 8.03.  I ejected from windows however I forgot to turn off usb on the HDP before unplugging the usb cable.  Has anyone else had any issues by doing this?
I had my impressions taken yesterday by Beth Orliss. Highly recommended if you are in the NYC area. Of the four or five times I have had impressions taken she was by far the best. Gulliver was the icing on the cake. Thanks Beth. I sent the impressions in today so JH Audio should receive them Friday. So now the wait begins. I know that they say 20 business days, does anyone know what the current lead time is? I assume they may still be backed up by the Black Friday...
I have emailed iBasso and at this time there is no new product coming out to replace the dx100. However if dsd is your requirement for a new flagship then you could always look at the hdp-r10. As it alongside the dx100 are the current flagships.
The hdp-r10 has dsd support.
There is a sale currently on the 627 and 627x. There is also a 10% Christmas coupon which will bring the cost of a new 627 down to a little over 400. I am not sure if the sale is supposed to be the 10% off however after adding the sale price 627 to my cart and applying the code it was around 417 USD shipped in the US.
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