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Curious to see the X7 and read the reviews.
It's not always just with the manufacturers. I just bought a pair of Shure 846's and they purchased them through a dealer.
Also factor in the dual card slots if you need additional capacity, the 90 only has 1.
It also depends on the type of sound and the pairing with your phones. I preferred the X5 to the DX90.
Here's to hoping that the F has improved sq over the M.  I have yet to hear anything as good as the M.  For the price the F would be a steal.
For sale just received from Massdrop on Friday the 20th, I have not even listened to them yet however the package was opened.  Price includes shipping in the US.  Willing to ship outside the US but at the buyers expense.
I would be interested to know if you hear any hiss with sensitive iems.
I am also curious about the hiss. I was waiting for the Calyx F however the HA 2 is very enticing at this price.
Well definitely temperature.
No it was pieces form the black olive that came on it stock.  The package was sealed as I stated but no shrink wrap.  You know how the foams can also look waxy?  It almost looks like a spot of that on one of the tips that came on the 846.  Boy did I have pull to get those suckers off (tips), I really couldn't twist them more like prying.  I wonder if my package was a refurb?
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