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I just finished the 24+ hour charge on my micro via my pc's usb 3 port and then installed the driver.  It sounds very nice coming from foobar or mediamonkey, I had the bit perfect switch on then realized I was only playing level 10 ogg's.  There is definitely a delay between turning the ifi on and when it actually powers on.   I also picked up a ntw p/n nusbd-445fm/mic cable to try to utilize with my oneplus one.  It is either the cyan or magenta color led that lights up...
I'd be in for one. Charging my micro now.
Mine worked when I had it with no issues on my desktop.
Thanks. 24 hours you got it. TTVJ just got a fresh delivery of these on Friday. Does anyone here have a glacier too? If so how does the ifi compare to the glacier?
ipurifier built in? I can't wait to receive mine. Should be here soon.
The leckerton uha6 mkii is also a great device.
Supply and demand
Talked to Todd at TTVJ, I don't think that they have one unless I find a usb a female to micro female adapter. Anyway I found this one
Okay so where would one obtain a micro usb cable to connect to an android phone?
Where would one get a cable to connect to a micro usb android phone?
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