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If you would like to use dsd/dxd you will want to look at the micro idsd or calyx f.
What phones will you be using? What file formats will you be listening to? The 720 is great however will hiss with sensitive iems. I have never heard the 901 however the micro sounds great as well. Calyx will be coming out with a new dac/amp soon, the Calyx F.
Anyone have the pfe 232? I am wondering how it pairs with the M. Thinking of picking a pair up.
Thats what I thought. Has Calyx released any additional information on it? I hope the case is in the same calyx brown that the M is.
That is not a dap though but an amp correct?
I also absolutely love the M with my JH13FP's. Like you I am also glad that I do not to utilize the adapter. I am not very concerned about the battery life as I only need to charge it once or twice a week as I do not get alot of listening time. Hopefully Calyx addresses the read time and a few other issues in the next firmware, such as a real folder browser.
Let us know your thoughts on the sound.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please let us know your thoughts.
Try the portable installation of foobar. From memory it doesn't install anything that way and should work for you. Regarding the firmware I placed mine on my removable storage and then went to settings and update firmware. Mine came with 1.0 pre installed and I only needed to update to 1.01. The funny thing is I can't see how it would matter where you install it from.
If that doesn't work I would try a factory reset on your M.
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