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In the context in which some people here were being extremely helpful referring to left handed wrenches and usb cables it was a snipe hunt.In the context of the response I made to which you quoted it was to a left handed cigarette...marijuana.I am getting hiss via the ho with my westone 4rs.
Indeed the original intent was a snipe hunt however my original reference was to that of left handed cigarettes.
Sorry it is apparently only American slang...and is know by quite a few names such as a left handed cigarette...maryjane...reefer...etc.Does anyone have the Leckerton UHA Mkii and the dx 50. I am wondering how they pair together.
Yeah I need to pick up a usb 2.0 adapter.
I agree with the usefulness of the lefties. The worse side effect is the munchies...ymmv
Very helpful some of us are here. Generally it is faster to copy to the devices internal memory than through the device to a micro sd card. You may want to remove the micro sd card and copy directly to it from your pc with an sd card adapter. Although the lefties do sound good as well.
Looking forward to your impressions.
Agreed it is hard to wait. Hopefully it is dead silent with lower impedance high sensitivity iems/ciems. Has anyone received theirs yet?
I believe it had a full green circle it definitely said charged. as long as it says charging while it is charging then mine definitely came fully charged. Did anyone elses?
Thanks. I am not used to daps coming fully charged or any other device for that matter.
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