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Have you heard both?
So is Kingwa stating that the Dac-19 is effectively balanced when paired with the nfb1 amp via acss? Even though the dac19 is SE? Having a hard time choosing between the audio GD stack above or a Mjolnir/gungnir stack. Decided to cancel my LC order.
Hmmm I'm assuming you have heard the LC? I would rather have a matching stack setup.
Would I be better going with the Mjolnir/Gungnir or NFB-1 Amp/DAC-19 from Audio GD to pair with the ETHERS? Really on the fence here.
I apologize I meant to quote bimmer. Have you heard the Mjolnir? I am wondering how that compares to the LC?
So from the sounds of it you would recommend the Dac-19 and Nfb-1 combo via acss over the gungnir/Mjolnir and/or dac-19/LC?
Used only as LISST is there much difference in sq from the original Mjolnir?
Yes but for this upgrade you have to send it back to schiit and it runs 500 beans.
It appears you love the sabre sound.  I prefer a well implemented AKM over the Sabre's from the devices that I have heard.  How does the pono sound compared to your go se?
I was just noting the indiegogo campaign. I would pay the extra $ and order directly from CEntrance. The HD's will be shipping in two weeks tops according to Michael.
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