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Looking for some help on my first desktop rig. Looking at the Oppo HA-1, Schiit Mjolnir / Gungnir Stack, Audio GD 10.32, etc? Any recommendations and/or comparisons appreciated. Will be paired with Alpha Primes and Sennheiser HD650's.
Or the 3.5 single ended input.
Everyone should have one, they will be wait for it......LEGENDARY!
For sale in mint condition a spc balanced kobiconn cable made by Ted at headphone lounge. Cable was 122 dollars, also in mint condition an ultraviolet usb a to mini b wireworld usb cable. Cable was around $50 IIRC. Free shipping in the U.S., willing to ship abroad at the buyers expense. PayPal only. Buy with confidence please check my feedback.
Less than 1 month old CLAS dB Duet combo stack. Comes complete with all original boxes and accessories. Mint condition. Also includes cypher labs pouch and cypher labs balanced interconnect. This kit sells for 1199 new. Free shipping within the U.S., willing to ship abroad at the buyers expense. PayPal only, buy with confidence please check my feedback.
The alpha primes that I just received are in another league compared to the senns. Highly recommended especially at the current close out discount.
Never said that it did. I do agree with you that it is tight and well controlled at least driven balanced through my duet.
In that price range I don't think you can beat the 600's or 650's. They are a great phone. For a little more you could also order the alpha dogs. What are you using to amp them mikoss?
Thanks Dan for offering the community an opportunity to own the Alpha's at a discounted price.  Full size cans are definitely a new area for me as I just recently started to explore them with the Sennheiser HD650's about a month and a half ago.  I was immediately impressed with them so much that I sold my JH13 Pro FP's and decided to further explore full size cans.  I as most, have stumbled across the Alpha Prime thread previously and have been curious about them since...
I'll second that on the crowd funding campaign. Congratulations. Refreshing to see things done differently. Looking forward to the LC.
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