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Hello old friend how is my old Westone 4r holding up? How do you compare the 846 to the 4r and to the jh16 and 8a?
Do the 846 benefit from being balanced?
What other amps have you heard? I am especially curious to see a comparison from the intruder to the portaphile 627, amp only of course. Are there any released specs on the intruder? What other amps/dacs do you find pair well with the 846?
There is no ethernet on the M? Expansion or usb otg?
Well there. So much for that. Which burr brown is it? You have peaked my interest.
Are you sure it is a burr brown? I thought the dac was not known.
I was wondering if the drivers were much different from anything else?  Isn't it the freqphase (which I think is the tubing and tube length) which make it differ mainly from others?
Command and Conquer Red Alert havent played that in years.....
Nah I'm good with that. There was a post here stating that massdrop was an autjorized Shure dealer now and thats why head-fi allowed discussion on them to be posted here. I have sent an email to massdrop inquiring about this and I also received an email back from Shure stating that they will cover warranties as long as whomever massdrop is purchasing them from is receiving authentic genuine Shures.
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