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That's why you turn the amp on and then plug your iems in.
Lucky for you...
I haven't heard the 10's yet however IMHO I would go with the 8's or the 4's. The originals that John made were great and the new versions have been improved.
Not at all, no worries my friend! Actually I find it quite humorous albeit off topic. Please let us know your thoughts on the 110.
Well at least you apologized for being off topic.....however you continued to derail the thread. Opinions are like @$$h0les everyone has one. Back on topic..... I am looking forward to my UD120 coming in.
Just have faith in the Wizard. I know it is hard to restrain but you will be surprised and delighted. My ciems started the Wizard line back during the beginning of HA. Take a deep breath and relax your ciems are in the appropriate hands, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
It wouldn't be the dac that would hiss it would be the amp.
Grew too fast too quick with too many projects. How many balls can one juggle at the same time. They bit off more than they can chew.
I think the 3.5 he is referring to the 1/8th inch line out of the ud120.
Cesar is currently running a sale for those interested. The 627 micro and X are both 50 off. Making the price 449 and 549 respectively. Act fast to pick up one of these fabulous amplifiers from one of the best (& IMHO The Best) in the business before the sale is over.
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