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Where are you from I have had quite a few impressions done and only 1 has ever come out perfect.  If you are close to NYC you should call Dr. Beth Orliss.
I dunno if you are interested however I picked up a 256gb sd card for my M for around 100 on amazon. Up to 90 mb/s too.
I finally opened the M this morning and currently have it charging. The funny thing is even though it was sealed with cellophane the sleeve that slides off has a different serial number than the card and the unit, both the card and the unit match. The inner box with the usb cables also contained the impedance adapter. I am thinking that acoustic sounds may have been adding the adapters to multiple boxes and mistakenly placed the wroung sleeve on my box and then sealed...
Okay so I am sending my first unit back to audio advisor when I receive the fedex box from them. They are giving a full refund and even covering the return shipping. They also offered to reduce the price of the unit as it is used however I decided to order another unit. Great customer service. They had no other m's available though. I purchased and received another M from Acoustic Sounds and although the outer brown box that holds the m box is torn in the cradle that...
Anyone else?
I just received my calyx m from Audio Advisor along with my 256gb pny sd card. Question is in the USA does the Calyx M come sealed at all? Mine has no plastic wrap or stickers to seal the box.
Okay so I am finally getting some listening time with my new Theorem 720 and my JH 13 pro fp's.  When no music is playing at all I certainly get a hiss, it is quite hard to say the least if I can hear anything while the music is playing though, even when it is pretty quiet.  My question is will it hiss if I change my 13fp's to balanced?  I only ask because according to cypher labs:   Low Gain • Single Ended Output = -9 dB • Balanced Output = -14.8 dB
Define portable....the ifi micro DSD stacks with the opo very well however I really don't consider this stack portable. Transportable maybe. I decided to ship the ifi back and went back to the theorem.
Okay. If anyone is interested ttvj hasblack friday/cyber monday deals and one of them is the theorem for 595.
Just confirmed by LHLabs audio advisor is an authorized seller. They akso are selling the 450 on their website directly for 159.
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