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Opinions vary, ultimately it is up to you to decide which you prefer. The journey there is the best part.
Sorry I meant if Calyx would move all of the components into a new thicker case that would support a larger battery. Instead of the add on depth extender.
Not only that but double the thickness and that extended case makes it less than desirable imho. Now if Calyx came out with a 1 piece design for an extended battery I may be in for that.
You could save a little more and get the Leckerton UHA 6 MK II or perhaps even the LH labs geek out 450.
Why do you say that. I am certain that he bought them originally and the upgrade was offered by jha.
It is a phenomenal pairing. What did that cost to get them upgraded?
Has anyone heard back from Todd regarding the possibility of bringing the glacier or a new portable out?
Well there is always the for sale forum. I would recommend the Calyx M, if the forthcoming Calyx F sounds as good as the M, I will be picking that up as well.
It looks like physicsal buttons on the right side of the screen. Has it been side how many and their function?
That doesn't look bad at all. They still looking at a release this spring?
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