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Where did you pick up the socket savers?
I did that recently even before the announcement of the latest delay. I don't regret it.
And what amperex Orange tubes work?
Schiit has some nice cables.
Which telefunkens work with the M2?
The Mjolnir 2 is no slouch in the power department and sounds divine feeding my ETHERS.  Looking forward to hearing the Cavalli to see if all of the hype is substantiated.
Well there goes a few more c notes. What the hell, at least it will stack nicely under the M2.
Lol, I will say to date the M2 and ETHER is the best setup I have heard. Will likely be my end game setup. JRiver>Wyrd>Modi2Uber>Mojilnir 2>ETHER using pyst usb cables from PC to Wyrd and Wyrd to Modi and blue jeans rca cables from Modi2U to Mojilnir 2. The only thing that may change will be adding a Gungnir MB. I'm not certain how much improvement I would notice going from Modi2U to Gungnir MB. I would like to hear from anyone who has both feeding a M2 to determine...
So has anyone heard the Mjolnir, LC and nfb-1 amp? I am curious as to how they compare. I am really leaning towards a nfb-1 amp and Dac-19 combo. Assuming all 3 are on par.
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