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Tomatoes for a troll? Nah trolls don't get tomatoes...
HA-1? So from what you are saying the 5 betters the dacport?
Let's say a balanced armature iem.
Nice. How do you compare its sound to the dacport?
Well I refuse to even use it before it has been fixed. I also wouldn't sell it before they release a fix. This will likely be my first and last geek/LH product.
Any word on when they will release the volume fix?
Silverears we are the minority here, I too prefer the 5 to the 90. Not too many people do.
I only use flac 16/44 and have never experienced that problem with f/w 2.0. All 700gb of my flacs were ripped from my personal collection and were not downloaded, they all have imbedded album art as well as a folder.jpg. Device issues for me are non existent on the 5, and although I have never experienced the multitude of issues on the DX90 there are certainly a lot more known issues with it than the 5.
I doubt there is any audible difference. Expectation bias perhaps? Not to mention that the Burr Brown 1792 is arguably one of the best DACS when implemented properly.
I have seen quite a few good ideas here. I am certain that the X7 will be a phenomenal device. Does anyone know when this may come to fruition?
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