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Yeah that is odd. I just placed my order maybe a week ago tops. I opted for the 1 day shipment as well as it only cost 3.95 for the shipping as I am a prime member.
My X2 from Amazon shipped yesterday. Should be here on Monday. Looling forward to it.
My X2 should be here on Monday. It will be paired with the ifi micro idsd. Looking forward to it as it will be my first pair of full size cans.
Thats the way I took it.
My IDSD is still burning in about 48 hours so far. Is 100 the magic number or are there additional changes after that? How does it pair with the X2? Thinking of picking up a pair or possibly the nad HP50, or akg q701 any thoughts?
They must be really swamped.
Email them. I am sure that they still offer it, well worth the $100
Nevermind usb audio recorder pro is functioning now.  Apparently if I try neutron or poweramp first and then usb recorder pro, it refuses to connect.  Simply close the app then unplug the idsd and plug it back in and all is well.
I just finished the 24+ hour charge on my micro via my pc's usb 3 port and then installed the driver.  It sounds very nice coming from foobar or mediamonkey, I had the bit perfect switch on then realized I was only playing level 10 ogg's.  There is definitely a delay between turning the ifi on and when it actually powers on.   I also picked up a ntw p/n nusbd-445fm/mic cable to try to utilize with my oneplus one.  It is either the cyan or magenta color led that lights up...
I'd be in for one. Charging my micro now.
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