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Mint condition, only has been used for 1/2 of the original charge. Purchased new from iBasso during initial release. Will be shipped with original packaging and will come with a 64gb samsung pro microsd card, now includes 16gb toshiba exceria sealed microsd card. Free shipping in the US via USPS priority. Willing to ship abroad however buyer to pay shipping costs. Photos available upon request.
No matter do you have a geekout? Curious on your thoughts versus the dacport.
Now that we are completely derailed. It has always been this way. 3.5 inch hdd's are worse in that you have even less space. It is not a really big deal, people that know know what they are purchasing. Marketing typically has a hook, it is possible (albeit very likely not far from the truth) that originally the marketing (sales team) thought that 1GB = 10^9 bytes as you stated earlier. In that sense they are not incorrect as again in metric that is 1 giga. I as most...
You are entitled to make any POINT you would like, however it would be nice to have the facts straight. Is it possible that the manufacturers are referring to the metric giga meaning 10^9, instead of an actual gigabyte? This is purely marketing nothing more. Since computers utilize binary (base 2) instead of base 10 (metric) once you couple this with the above mentioned marketing scheme you are short out of the box 73,741,824 bytes or approximately 70.3 megabytes per...
Actually 1GB = 1073741824 bytes.
That's a nice ride. Is that yours Mike?
What company? I used to be in telco as well before the big stock crash in 2001 was it? I was with Frontier Telephone at that point and they were subsequently purchased by Citizens Communications. The whole battery logic makes sense and has made sense, also think about it with USB dacs the power from USB is not as good as a dedicated rechargeable cell.
Lol, I ordered two. Time will tell. It seems the seller won't be shipping until later on this week. Here's to hoping.
The link that I posted has a photo of the battery that reads made in japan assembled in China. Here's to hoping again that that is this case?
Does anyone have a link for a confirmed japan battery?
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