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Are the side panels real wood or plastic?
Any info on the Gungnir upgrade, time wise? Will it use the same r2r dacs that the yggy does?
I received the HA-1 yesterday and the build quality is spot on with everything that has been written about it.  It is certainly a beautiful piece of gear.
Likely. Our politicians are worse than third rate, more like the bottom of the barrel.
You live in the states zorrofox?
It seems that my 650's are capable of the plug being pushed in in either direction. If you are looking at the outside of the housing and can see the L and R from each respective side what side is the smaller terminal pushed into on the L and also on the R?
Thanks. I have heard that dac is the weakest link in the oppo, so assuming that that is true and the Gungnir is 849 the Oppo is a good deal at its current price. Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks, with planars where would you rate the oppo DAC? Curious if it is at the Gungnir level.
Does anyone here have thoughts on the Oppo HA-1? I realize that it is a Sabre DAC however I am curious to read additional opinions on it.
Thinking about pre ordering an ether with a dum cable. For those that have heard both does the ether warrant the extra 700 clams over the primes?
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