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No, no stripes or markings please. For those of you want to jazz it up grab a bedazzling kit
Good point, as soon as the LC gets here it will be time to reterminate my 650 cables.
Well just dropped to 775. The reason with the Shures may be due to the fact that they can be had for 779 new on Massdrop lately.
Really almost 200$ off for a unit that is basically new? Purchased this January I believe. What would be a good deal then?
Please let us know what you ultimately decide to go with. There are a lot of us in this boat. Will it really matter if the Dac is SE or balanced? If I recall doesn't the LC split the SE ended signal into balanced? Would that be much of a difference than utilizing a balanced Dac? I apologize for the questions however I have never really looked into a balanced setup. Would the upcoming ifi idac2 be a good choice?
Unfortunately yes, my M only gets used at my desk and it never leaves. I figured I may as well go with a transportable or desktop setup. I just ordered the Cavalli LC and I am looking for a good Dac to pair with it. Very curious about driving the 650 in a balanced setup. My M is in excellent condition and only slightly used, someone will be getting one hell of a deal.
Did anyone else order the 650's from newegg through adorama? The box and packing tape said Adorama however the label said ACC or something if the sort. The address was 7 Slater Drive in Elizabeth, NJ which I believe is Adorama.
I am quite surprised at how well the M drives my Sennheiser 650's that I just received tonight. Newer redbooks I play around 1/2 volume and older redbooks around 3/4. Pink Floyd never sounded this good.
A lot of us will be waiting on the LC. What's a good cheap balanced cable to pair with the 650's?
Do you prefer the x12 or the u12?
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