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Well I am sure that at some point joker will review them.
Exactly my point. Wait for an official release from VSonic if that is a deciding factor for purchasers do not rely on a third party. Or wait for reviews from well trusted respected reviewers.
I think that you completely missed the point. I could careless what is used for the drivers. There was a response from lendmeurears stating that the drivers are the same as the original gr07 and that VSonic does not have the time to make a statement. My point is if you are someone who cares (which I don't as I never intend to purchase uiems) I would be skeptical until VSonic themselves release information.
Well I am not doubting what lendmeurears is stating however it would be nice to see a confirmation of this from VSonic. It would only take a short amount of time for them to do this.....until then I would be skeptical.
My 4r's were reshelled by inearz and I haven't had any issues with them. However I have only unplugged/plugged them in a few times, I always try not to make that a habit.
Well for one it does not use the same sony bio cell driver. Big price difference...
It does not have an optical in. It is a great amp and should be a great fit for the 16's.
Although Rudy from the R10 thread believes this to be the case. I have purchased a toshiba exceria but haven't tested it yet.
lol I am pretty certain that he was being facetious.
Okay so while the clip zip sounds good, I didn't realize that when you plug in headphones while it is paused (after unplugging them while pausing first) that it will auto play.  I immediately unplugged the headphones before the thought crossed my mind that that wouldn't be a good idea since the plug may not even have been in all the way.  Question is will this hurt the 13 fp's?    Has anyone else plugged unplugged them while music is on?  I thought that pausing and...
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