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I am quite surprised at how well the M drives my Sennheiser 650's that I just received tonight. Newer redbooks I play around 1/2 volume and older redbooks around 3/4. Pink Floyd never sounded this good.
A lot of us will be waiting on the LC. What's a good cheap balanced cable to pair with the 650's?
Do you prefer the x12 or the u12?
Thanks I had saw Stuart's comments in the aune thread.
Been doing some research on the Gustard X12 and I am now leaning towards that. MD has them for 439.
If anyone is interested my calyx M is up for sale in the fs forum.
Anyone know of any reviews on the gustard x12?
How about the emotive stealth dc-1.
Regardless I believe that I would like to cancel my order, am I able to do this by logging back into your website?
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