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I sent mine back about a month ago. That unit if any of you get it is basically brand new, ran it for about two weeks straight burning in my hd650's. Then opted for the Marrantz and sent the oppo back.
But of course it is a Marantz!
Single ended is just fine, especially when it is Marantz.
Is the output completely discrete on the dac1? I know that it utilizes technology from Marantz's other lines (HDAM-SA2).
I really liked the Oppo as well however I am just as impressed by the Marantz HD-DAC1's build quality.  Too early to tell to make any judgments on SQ, however for the price the Marantz is hard to beat.
Just received my Marantz more impressions to follow.
If anyone is interested MD has these on again.  You cant beat the price.....
How do they fair compared to the 846 for sound?
Does anyone have the dacmini and the alpha prime or alpha/mad dogs? I am wondering how they pair?
He likely means a budget as in Ramen noodles and/or Campbell's soup.
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