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Maybe, However the anker is more than 1 or 2 9v batteries, it is 20,000 mah. It claims to charge a galaxy s4 6 times.
I have ordered this one, is there a better one?
Nah pull out a trusty anker USB charger.
 Whether cables affect the sound quality of a pair of phones is one hot topic and not only here on head-fi.  Therefore I will not broach the subject any further, personally for me the ergonomics and physical appearance of the cable are of more concern to me then what the cable is made of.  For those of you who care the Noble Cable is made of silver plated copper and can be utilized in a balanced configuration (again not a main concern of mine, albeit nice that the option...
You won't regret it.  Cesar's customer service is as valued as his amps.
Hark what an incredible site to behold. To say I was shocked by the size of the Portaphile 627 Micro is an understatement. It is hard to believe that Cesar was able to cram all of the original 627 components into this new micro footprint. Hats off to you my friend, you have really outdone yourself this time. If you were the type that only judges a book by the cover you would already be ecstatic. The P627M is truly phenomenal to behold, its classic black matte and it's...
The micro is too thin for a 9v battery though. I wonder how fast it would eat through them?
Absolutely, I have tried a lot of amps since my original 627 and 627X and not only are his products by far the best in the business, so is his customer service!
I don't think that mine does have screw terminals that is. Contact Cesar he is vet accommodating and if it can be done he will do it.
My new micro shipped today. This latest build is a testament to the reason that I started this thread, Cesar continues to impress with his customer service.
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