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I have yet to have a playback issue. All of my flacks however were ripped from my cd collection with dbpoweramp. Looking forward to the windows driver, does anyone know if 64bit will be released this week?
Lol all joking aside it is nice to know that you can charge it and utilize it at the sametime.
Did you really suggest that headfiers purchase a cable from the 99 cent store? What kind if sense would that make? There must be a silver/gold cable with solid gold contacts available somewhere.
Samsung, sandisk and toshiba
You need to spend at least 200 to get the 122 free, that's why.....
If you are talking rev 1 or 1.1 dfly I thought it was known to run a 9023.
I was going to say I didn't receive a wall charger from ibasso.
Most likely until they are out, and when they are out there will be no more pfes.
Earphone solutions has the pfe122 for free when you spend 200. I picked up the 132 and the 122 (full edition) for 229 with free shipping. The full edition will provide the extra set of grey filters and 2 sets of black filters as well as the case and ear glides I believe. Win win, I'll give the 122's to my wife for use with her galaxy s5.
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