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For sale in mint condition a spc balanced kobiconn cable made by Ted at headphone lounge. Cable was 122 dollars, also in mint condition an ultraviolet usb a to mini b wireworld usb cable. Cable was around $50 IIRC. Free shipping in the U.S., willing to ship abroad at the buyers expense. PayPal only. Buy with confidence please check my feedback.
What are cd's? You mean redbooks?
How does the dacmini compare to the burson conductor or the marantz had-dac1?
I'm with you, I did read that post previously however I was looking for additional comparisons.
Some people are so helpful.....I have read most of this thread if not all of it and don't recall seeing much of anything comparing the two. Thanks for your candor though it is much appreciated.
Would like some comparisons to the Oppo ha-1. Has anyone heard both?
Low impedance or high sensitivity? I am wondering how it will pair with the ethers.
Are the side panels real wood or plastic?
Any info on the Gungnir upgrade, time wise? Will it use the same r2r dacs that the yggy does?
I received the HA-1 yesterday and the build quality is spot on with everything that has been written about it.  It is certainly a beautiful piece of gear.
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