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Buy it directly from ibasso for 239.
The iBasso dx50 is a good way to go.
I would have Justin mod it just to be safe. That way it should not have any problems if you change devices.
Al I don't listen much to that style of music however there is definitely something off about his voice and the way he annunciates. I am not sure what I should be listening for but I will try to give it another listen later.
For what it is worth I emailed iBasso after the announcement of the DX90 about a DX100 successor and their response was that there was not one or plans for one at that point in time.
Will any micro USB cable work, such as a samsung galaxy s4 USB cable? When the unit is off and charging is done does it say charging complete?
I am certain everything is new I just questioned the cable ends, but as I said I believe they were likely sitting for awhile.
Yeah mine was in the same fancy white box.
Well the r10 showed up but not the one. I have it charging now. Tenso did a great job getting it here and you couldn't really tell if they opened it or not. Very minimalistic packaging and accessories except for the purple pillow that the r10 was resting in. It looks as if the r10 was setting for awhile or the USB and power cables are really cheap as they needed to be wiped down on the metal ends. Looking forward to a full charge.
I am in Albany. Tomorrow may be a very good day if my R10 and my new HTC One gets delivered. Here's to hoping USPS is on the ball.
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