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Well all this talk about the 846's I simply couldn't resist the massdrop on them. Currently 779 with the possibility of going lower if more people continue to purchase them. I canvt wait to receive them. How do they pair with the Calux M?
The 779 price at massdrop is very enticing to say the least.
Has anyone paired the 846 with the Calyx M?  If so any thoughts?
Anyone have both these and the JH13FP's?  How do they compare?  Massdrop has these on again and if enough people order it will be worthwhile.
An external battery pack? Is it manufactured by Calyx?
Now if only Calyx would come out with an update to solve the few little issues.
I was quite fond of the sound with the X5, I actually enjoyed much more than the dx90.  My favorite pairing so far is with the Calyx M though.
Well the components are not using as much power in the ak120.  I would think the dac uses more power in the M for sure, is the amp more powerful in the M as well?
Any uodates on when the F may be com8ng out? Any Specs available?
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