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Here is a great review by hifiplus.
If I remember the article I believe that they stated the only issue with the Director was its musicality. Which is odd because most other reviews that I have seen stated that it didn't lack in that area.Regardless I am wondering if anything will even come close in the new reduced close out price range, perhaps the new idsd micro idac2? If the idac2's output wasn't variable I would try it, I am thinking I should order the Director.So for those of you idsd fan boys with...
How about the Meridian Director? I know it's not balanced however I have read some pretty good reviews on it. Plus Audio Advisor has some left at 349.
This thread de railed sometime ago. Any chance of getting back on track? Did I hear that the LC will have Laser etched lettering? For some reason I thought that it wasn't going to be initially. Is the lettering black? *crosses fingers*
That's just wrong. Beans are meant to be spilled.
Seen plenty of attitudes worse than that for sure. Yours is like a breathe of fresh air.
Verified 4v seems a little high. I wonder what the button do?
Sweet. Looking forward to it. I canceled all of my geek pre orders, I'm assuming the egd will have a true lineout unlike the geekout lines?
With the Internet age anyone can become a reviewer! I'm certain at some point most people at head-fi have been. It's nice to see a lot of different viewpoints whether you agree with them or not.
HD-DAC1. I prefer the sound for one and the lower price helps as well.
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