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Matched pair of 6N23P 1974 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shields Tubes. Both 96/97 purchased from Rob (Rb2013) here on head-fi. Great sounding tubes. Includes free shipping in the U.S.
Thanks. I would rather pass the savings on to a fellow head fier though.
Less than 2 weeks old and in mint condition Schiit Mjolnir 2, includes LISST, 6BZ7 and a pair of 6N23P matched 1974 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shields Tubes. The 1974 are both tested to 96/97 and were purchased from RB2013. Free shipping in continental U.S., willing to ship abroad at purchasers expense. Buy with confidence please check my feedback. Also available Schiit Wyrd and Modi 2 Uber Analog with 2 PYST USB cables, 1 PYST set of RCA cables and 1 set of blue jeans RCA...
Immaculate, pristine condition. Comes with Mr Speakers DUM XLR balanced cable as well as Mr Speakers normal 1/8 cable. Will ship with all original packaging and accessories. Approximately two weeks old. Free shipping in the USA, will ship abroad at purchasers expense. Buy with confidence, please check my feedback.
Sorry should have said paired with the Ether through the Mjolnir 2.
6N23P 1974 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shield Tubes are burning in and they already sound crazy good.
Received my 6N23P 1974 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shield Tubes from Rob and even before burn in they sound crazy good.  Going to let them burn in for a week or so and come back and take a listen.
Ah! Temporary Permanent!
Now if only the bifrost would stack with the MJ2!
I have yet to listen to the MJ2 through SE however the ETHERS balanced fed by the MJ2 (LISST) is sublime, best setup I have heard to date.  I have been burning in the Wyrd>Modi 2 Uber>Mojilnir 2 straight for 6 days straight.    I have some '74 Reflektors incoming and are looking forward to giving them a listen.  Thanks Rob!    One of these days I will order the Gungnir MB and determine if it is an upgrade to the M2U.  However as I said this is the best setup I have...
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