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Any pros? I would think it would be better to use the LC's pot to control the volume. Which I why I changed to a fixed output. Dr Cavalli any input?
It is still on for 385.
Well I bit the bullet and opted in on the MD for the CEntrance Dacmini CX. Hell for the price you can't go wrong. I went with the 1 ohm mod but didn't go for the variable output mod. Are there are pros or cons for the variable output on the lineout? It will likely only get used as an input to the LC.
Lol. 56k.....I remember thinking that that was fast back in 1995.....
That's what the good Doctor stated.
I just hopped in on the current CX Massdrop sale. Quick question I will be using the CX with both my senn 650 and jh13 pro fp. I'm assuming I should go with the 1 ohm mod? Will it effect sound with the 650? Regarding variable output I intend to use the CX line out into the upcoming Cavalli liquid carbon. Is it better to go for the variable output mod or not? I was thinking that it would be better not to as it may cause degradation of signal, etc. Any thoughts?
X2 I wish I could afford an iggy.
I utilize flacs.
You may be opening Pandora's box, there are those that believe wavs sound better than flacs.
Idsd has dual dacs.
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