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The hiss will go away if your amp does not hiss. I believe the 450 works with the S4 from what I have read.
Too bad on the lacking soul part. Perhaps the zx2 needed additional burn in time..... Quick question how much burn in time did the M have? Ignore is a great feature.
It seems though we aren't moving on. Regardless if I or anyone else had posted that following one of your comments no doubt you would feel that the poster was referring to you. This is the last I'll speak to it. Curious as to what M serial numbers the earlier poster had, the one that had four. I wonder if Calyx qc unknowingly released a bad batch?
I agree we should definitely move forward, the policing should be left for the mods BTW. That being said I have owned the M for around 4 months now and I have posted very little on it. I certainly wouldn't consider what I have posted on the M as degenerating the thread or being a fan boy.
Agreed it is an impressions thread and all impressions are free to be listed. You may want to re read what was posted DF. Someone who was on the fence and decided not be purchase one said it was due to the multiple problems. I asked what problems. Certainly there are many of us who do not have problems with our units? Should our impressions not matter?
On the contrary are you? I own a M and do not have any issues, do you? There are of course some s/w things I would like changed however the M is the best sounding device I have owned. It also by far the best dap that I have owned. I realize the recent discussion on the new Sony however I would rather spend my hard earned cash elsewhere as I have always had at least one and sometimes multiple issues with every Sony device that I have ever purchased from the 80's until...
What problems?
Is MD purchasing through LH Labs though?
Thanks,I am looking for a combo Dac/amp and although this is enticing I would like to see comparisons with the Calyx F when it comes out.
Mile how does the oppo compare to your dacport?
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