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Hmmm double amping then. I wonder if it has been physically setup to change it to a true line out, it would be nice if a firmware upgrade would allow us to enable/disable if that was the case.
That should be interesting to say the least. Is there any chance of fiio releasing a rev2 of the X5? It would be nice to have one that is cleaned up a little like the X1? No micro sd slot covers at a minimum would be great!
Basically brand new used less than 2 hours Stoner Acoustics ud-120 60 including free shipping in the US. Willing to ship outside the U.S. but at buyers expense. PayPal only. Photos available upon request.
Use an external amp and the noise will disappear.  I must say the Meridian Explorer also sounds really good via the lineout (I believe this to be a true lineout also the volume in windows does not adjust the level when using the lineout) and for 149 on Amazon you can't go wrong.  I contacted Meridian directly and they stated that Audio Advisor only has the lower impedance Explorers.
Keep us updated.  It sounds fantastic with the portaphile.
I spoke with him early last week, sometimes he gets very busy and may not get a chance, I would send him another email maybe it got thrown into his spam or junk folder? 
Shouldnt be I use the P627M out of the 47ohm jack on my 100
Relax. All good things come to those that wait. As far as the price it is a rough estimate as some of the components are known. If you don't like the estimated price don't buy one.
I am still not sure if it is a true line out though.
That's why it is better to utilize the line out to your favorite amp.
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