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Received my 6N23P 1974 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shield Tubes from Rob and even before burn in they sound crazy good.  Going to let them burn in for a week or so and come back and take a listen.
Ah! Temporary Permanent!
Now if only the bifrost would stack with the MJ2!
I have yet to listen to the MJ2 through SE however the ETHERS balanced fed by the MJ2 (LISST) is sublime, best setup I have heard to date.  I have been burning in the Wyrd>Modi 2 Uber>Mojilnir 2 straight for 6 days straight.    I have some '74 Reflektors incoming and are looking forward to giving them a listen.  Thanks Rob!    One of these days I will order the Gungnir MB and determine if it is an upgrade to the M2U.  However as I said this is the best setup I have...
106,000 107,000 108,000
Where did you pick up the socket savers?
I did that recently even before the announcement of the latest delay. I don't regret it.
And what amperex Orange tubes work?
Schiit has some nice cables.
Which telefunkens work with the M2?
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