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The O2/ODAC combo is definitely a beast.  I expected it to be bigger.  I don't have either of my ports anymore to compare to however.  I really wish Caesar would come out with 627 dac/amp combo.  If he would through the odac into the 627 I would definitely buy one.  Even if it means putting it back into the original 627 case.  Anyone else?  It is possible that if the demand exists he would consider it.
Hmmm anyone here using mediamonkey and the o2/odac?  Using wassapi I am unable to play in 16bit 44.1 through mediamonkey.  I need to change it above in order for it to play.  Since I set the ODAC to 24bit 96k per JDS Labs instructions I also set MM to that and it plays, it also seems to play fine at other samples just not 16 44.1.  I tried changing the odac to that and then MM still no go.  Any thoughts?
BTW. What are your thoughts on the Stoner Acoustics DAC that I sold you?
I am glad to hear that you prefer the o2/odac to the schiit. Makes me glad that I ordered it.
I received my O2+Odac last night and although I haven't had the time to listen to it I will say that I expected it to be bigger. It is really quite small. Is it recommended to use the ferrite USB cable? I have an ultraviolet that I was thinking about using.
Inearz does a nice job.
Do you have the o2 silverears? How does it stack up to the pure ii?
Good to know that batteries didn't help in that regard. Thanks.
I will be joining the club as I ordered a custom o2 with odac from JDS Labs. Is there any advantages to using the battery (which mine won't come with) as opposed to the wal-wart? Other than portability that is?
If you are around NYC Dr Beth Orliss does a phenomenal job taking impressions. Gull over is a real treat too. That being said I don't break seal however as I said you can certainly feel pressure differences.
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