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What are your thoughts?  Inquiring minds and all, have you ordered a Portaphile from Cesar yet?   The P627M continues to impress me, I have used it so far with the DX90, the UD120 and the GO100.  I thought that the GO100 was impressive enough on its own however the P627M brings it to another dimension.  I have ordered a Meridian Explorer from Amazon (on sale for 149, there were 3 left at that price earlier however they are now all gone with more stock expected on...
Wow, and I thought that the GO100 was good by itself (by the way it is for portable use) however when I used the go100 lineout to the P627M my ears were treated to nothing short of audio bliss.  The slightly audible hiss is gone and there is a fuller more analog sound with a larger 3d soundstage.  The volume slider still controls the volume so I left it at 100%.  Looking forward to what the P627M will do with the Meridian Explorer.
Nah man you have it all wrong.....we all need to BELIEVE!
What a.....wait for it.........GUMP!
It has been too long since I have used the me, I will be using it's line out to the micro. Time will tell.
I am really enjoying the GO100 so much so that I have not even tried it with the P627M. I have also compared it to the dx90 and I prefer the 100 to the 90. I wasn't expecting that, so as such I have decided to send the dx90 back. Listening was performed on both with level 10 Oggs. It appears that Meridian is liquidating the explorers as ttvj had a huge sale last month and audio advisor through Amazon still has 3 new ME's left after I purchased one for 145. I feel it...
Is the 47ohm a true lineout or is it amped?  I intend to test it with the P627M and compare it to the lineout on the DX-90.
I seemed to have forgotten that there are two geekout threads.  I received my GO100 the other day and finally had a chance to sit down and listen tonight.  At first the sound was horrendous and tinny coming form my JH13's I then unplugged the little bugger and plugged it back in only to find out that the volume jumps to 100, at least I didn't have anything playing so I didn't get blasted.  It also helps once you make sure that the phones are plugged all the way in :P.  I...
I apologize I wanted to actually compliment them as I have been pretty hard on them lately. I certainly didn't mean to start the finger pointing.
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