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I have one in the FS forums if anyone is interested.
Lol. Same here. My lil guy just started Kindergarten. Time for her to put that degree to work and get a job. 😝
Lol you are way too nice.....however maybe your wife works.
What they don't know won't hurt them 😜 My wife has no idea what I have spent on any of my gear.
47 ohm for higher impedance iems, phones or lineout. .47 for low impedance iems.
Okay. I am needing my portable fix. Ordered one of these again and it is great since it appears the file cap will be fixed, although I mainly use the folders to browse. I also ordered the hs6 has anyone used that to stack the P627M? I am stoked to hear the X5 lineout to the Portaphile.
Sweet looking forward to it.
Ok. I always left it at 100%.
They will let you know before they make them.  It looks to me as well that you may want to have a new set made and ship them to Noble.
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