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Not necessarily EE but you should definitely have soldering skills.
glad to hear you are enjoying it. I decided to go with jds labs variant even though mayflower is literally 1/2 hour from me.
You can have them recabled.  Or reshelled into customs.  You could always purchase a new pair of 132's that I have in the fs forum.
I am curious on your thoughts of how the X5 stacks against the DX100.
I believe the reliability of Samsung has been proven as well.  Plus the samsungs are faster.
All the love for Sandisk. I picked up a samsung 64gb evo. Amazon has them for 43. If I decide to keep the X5 I will either pick up another one or wait for the evo 128gb to come out.
Late arrivals are fine, it gave them more time to focus on releasing a finished product. Instead they shifted their focus from releasing a stable product to multiple crowd funding campaigns. Let's continue to milk the cash cow until it's dry.
How does the X5 pair with JH13fp's? Where should one purchase the x5, at any of the retailers listed on the Fiio website? I assume that all listed there are authorized retailers and that the Fiio warranty will be honored? Sorry this will be my first Fiio and I ordered it from Beach Camera. Thanks in advance for the help.
The product shouldn't have been released with an issue like that. They should focus on completing one product prior to nickel and dining everyone to death on multiple new ventures. This is likely my first and last LH product.
I have yet to even use my 450 for this very reason. I may put it in the fs forum, I am very happy with the o2/odac combo.
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