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I am not sure about the wrong thread as he is questioning about the comparison of the oppo to the V2, although it is not out yet.Hopefully you have or have heard both the oppo and original geek out to make such a statement. I am certain there are those who feel the oppo sounds better than the go.Now I haven't heard the oppo however I would take any other dac or Dac/amp that I have owned over the go. The go hissed with sensitive iems, had original volume issues which have...
Not really per earlier discussion someone mentioned that they doubted many people purchased solely for iems which was my main intent. After spending time with my hd650's which cost less than 1/3 of my ciems price I had an epiphany. So I sold my jh13's to fund the primes and further explore full sized cans. I am certain all of which was implied on my last post however it was really late when I posted. Regardless initial intent was for ciems, now the LC will be used...
I have seen the light. The senn hd650's have opened my eyes to another world of audio. I never thought I would say this however it is only cans for me now. Looking forward to the alpha primes.
Thanks Dan, For future reference what formula did you utilize? So 100mw will drive the primes to the required spl?
Thanks that is a neat site. Does anyone know the calculation used? It's odd that amps with a lot higher mw rating drive the primes to the same or only slightly higher spl.
What type of special are you referring to?  As in unique or open for interpretation?
The issue here at head fi is you must trust your ears and not others opinions. If you like the sound of a device then don't let others ruin how you feel about it. There are many reasons in addition to perceived sound that explains why people pay more for certain devices. Build quality and form factor come immediately to mind. These are definitely two strong factors in addition to sound why a lot of people purchase certain devices.
Ouch! I don't think that my clas db sounds like that.
So back to my original question will the CLAS Duet drive the Alpha Primes?
Does the duet have enough power in balanced mode for the alpha primes?
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