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I'll have to try the different settings. It is a great player for sure and I believe I prefer its sound to the Theorem and the ifi micro dsd.
Anyone else have the jh13fp's? What impedance setting do you use? I am on high currently.
Dbpoweramp here and I want to say mine was around the same quantity. Did you rip to wave? I ripped to flac level 0, now that dbpoweramp offers flac no compression I rip that way.
I know the feeling. I thought that I had a vast collection however my 500gb is nothing compared to yours. Did you painstakingly rip each cd? My collection took over a year and a half to rip completely.
Well my M from Acoustic Sounds was verified by Chris Zainea to be sealed by Calyx and brand new. It came pre loaded with a Korean track. I charged the beautiful M and upgraded her to 1.01. I also converted approximately 176 gb of lossless flacs and partially loaded up my 256gb sd card. I must say I never thought that I would be hearing this sound from a dap. It's appearance and build quality is only rivaled by its stellar sound quality. With all of the storage...
Where are you from I have had quite a few impressions done and only 1 has ever come out perfect.  If you are close to NYC you should call Dr. Beth Orliss.
I dunno if you are interested however I picked up a 256gb sd card for my M for around 100 on amazon. Up to 90 mb/s too.
I finally opened the M this morning and currently have it charging. The funny thing is even though it was sealed with cellophane the sleeve that slides off has a different serial number than the card and the unit, both the card and the unit match. The inner box with the usb cables also contained the impedance adapter. I am thinking that acoustic sounds may have been adding the adapters to multiple boxes and mistakenly placed the wroung sleeve on my box and then sealed...
Okay so I am sending my first unit back to audio advisor when I receive the fedex box from them. They are giving a full refund and even covering the return shipping. They also offered to reduce the price of the unit as it is used however I decided to order another unit. Great customer service. They had no other m's available though. I purchased and received another M from Acoustic Sounds and although the outer brown box that holds the m box is torn in the cradle that...
Anyone else?
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