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Below "Made by Hisoundaudio"? All I have is a serial number in the bottom right corner.
How do I identify whether the player is RoCoo or RoCoo-P? Mine only says "RoCoo" at the back. In fact, the only thing I could find was a hand-written "Power" on the outside of the box.   @LorSpeaker,   Can you upload a photograph of the back side of RoCoo and the P side by side?
  I already bought the DacMini CX from here. But, it's yet to show up in India, so still waiting for it. Hope it's disappearance is not permanent.   I am not a heavy headphone user, but have recently started looking at headphones a bit more. I already have a HD600, have a DT880/600 in mail and a HM5 as well (Impulse buy on the pre-order day). If my usage pattern changes, then I'd be looking seriously at high end headphones. Should own a custom at least next year, but INR...
Blame the choice of OPA209 on Anaxilus   QA350 is a surprise even for me. I never thought I could stick to that huge size, no format support, no UI thing for this long. I got a HM-601 loaner recently. QA350 isn't as moody as the Hifiman when it comes to SD cards. It also does not make a noise when changing tracks and has a far lesser gap between tracks (which helps with certain gapless albums). It's build quality and response time of buttons is not bad either.  I...
There are two LEDs in Rocoo and another one the charger. The past three posts are about different LEDs and hence the confusion.   @i_djoel2000 - is talking about the green light on the charger I guess. It always will stay green.   I was talking about the LED on the player near the microSD slot (Charge Status). When charging, this red light will be on, but will go off once the player is fully charged. That is the LED to look at without turning on the...
At my current rate of posting, I will be Supremus by 2017, if lucky.   My best purchase of 2011 is not an IEM, but my transportable brick rig - QA350 -> Sys.Concept cable -> UHA6S (with OPA209)   Surprise of the year: Yuin OK1 (Not a regular user or fan of ear buds, but it sounds good enough for me to use it every now and then)
Green light on the charger is not defective. It is just there to indicate that the charger is on.   I think you need to look at the player (near microSD slot). If the red light is on when plugged, it is charging. Once the player is fully charged, red light will go off.
  I don't think CLAS supports iPod Video. None of the external DAC devices (iStreamer, CLAS, Fostex HP-P1) work with 5.5G AFAIK. But, I am a little tired of the slow HDD in the 5.5G. If this turns out to be really good, I'd replace the 5.5G->LOD->Amp setup. But, there's a long wait for more specs, details and pricing ahead.
I'd think that the number of units they expect to sell will be part of the equation when setting the price and their margins.
+1. That's why I stick to Olives. I bought 4 of them long back (at least 18 months, if not more). I have (irregularly of course) used only two of them - one de-cored and the other as-is.
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