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They are authorized dealers as shane already mentioned.   Dimitri said they have some issues updating their site and will be "moving to a more user-friendly site by next year". So, I don't expect their site to be updated until then.
Interesting observations, Kanashimu. Did you by any chance measure the OI of RoCoo or are you basing it off the signature variations?
I asked Dimitri about the Holiday special sale (what with their site still showing the old prices). This is his reply (highlighting and numbering alone mine)     Though I don't need another IEM now, Tandem is a little tempting at that price :). e-Q5 is another good deal, but I already owned it before.
The file contains RoCoo and Studio firmwares. Wonder if Studio firmware can be installed in RoCoo.   I had an issue with my RoCoo. When I got it, I inserted a 32GB microSD (going by what LorSpeaker mentioned), but it failed to read the contents. It did read two directories. No matter what other card I tried, it displayed the same 2 folders via Resource Manager as well as Media library (Music menu). I had to wipe it clean anyway. This update fixes that and it now...
Not to ruin your party cheater, but you may need to check this out first :   Let's get back to discussion guessing game about DX100 price.
That's too loud indeed. Volume on the player is not a great indication of loudness because it depends on the recording (Classical may need a bit more volume, compressed recordings may need only 5-6) and the efficiency of the IEM. I don't know the specs of Popo, even then, 25 seems too loud for an IEM
I would put the battery life of RoCoo at ~12 hours (did not pay close attention after the 10:30 hour mark, so take it as ~ 11-12) with music on shuffle, volume at 9, connected to PAA-1 with screen off except for may be 5 minutes.
  Based on what I did with the RoCoo-P in the other thread, you need to send payment to the Paypal ID provided. No Paypal invoice involved.
     Quote:   If you consider only the M2C and not their previous flagship, TM.5, then yes!
      Then, most definitely I have got the RoCoo inside a box marked with "Power" since it only has the Serial number.
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