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For all the firmware files : http://www.head-fi.org/t/587884/hisound-studio-rocoo-firmware-files   HDMS is a pseudo line out. It just maximizes the volume.   BtnSound is just to enable a click sound when button is pressed. Keep it disabled.
I'll have to guess that it is - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Optical-TOSlink-Coax-S-PDIF-Digital-Audio-Converter-/220464866747
Do you need to use all those steps? Here's what I did (at least this is what I think the Instructions said and it worked)   Removed the microSD card Kept the Center + Up key pressed while connecting the USB cable to the Laptop. RoCoo is recognized as "USB Input Device" by Windows 7. Ran the firmware updater with "Format" option enabled.     I have always used "Safely Remove" for all external devices for as long as I can remember. So, no changes on that front.
Should have been clearer - I chose to format the memory in the firmware installer, which of course would format first and install the three firmware images later. What I said was there was only one file on the RoCoo-P after the firmware upgrade. I will check the player once it's through the burn-in, but I have a vague recollection that the system folder may be storing the media library (which can be re-created I suppose).    
Format the memory = Format the Internal memory. After I did the format, only a system information file (text file containing version) was left on the internal memory. Don't remember what the System folder contained, but I don't think it's firmware related. May be Jack should clarify.
Is this the one you are after? http://www.ebay.in/itm/Monster-Turbine-Pro-Gold-Professional-In-Ear-Speakers-/170753049532   No feedback for the seller as well. If you want to gamble, you can still take a chance with this fake :)
  It's already on latest firmware. My issue is the same as in the video made by 5370H55V except that it's with Left and Right buttons. When I press the right button, nothing would happen, when I try to press the Left once, the whole menu would cycle rapidly as if I am pressing and holding it. It was less problematic after about 2-3 hours, but I have not used it much since then except for updating the firmware, so not sure if the issue remains. May be it just needs...
I had the same issue initially with the Left and Right buttons. The right button would not register a press, but one press of the left and the menu would loop through pretty fast as if the left button remained depressed. It's still in the "burn in" period, so I won't use it for a while. Not sure if the button issue has gone away completely.   Mine too does not say "Power" in Serial number, but had a "Power" folder.
I missed this thread until now.   Is it possible for you to get a loaner of Arrow 3G, 2StepDance or UHA-6S? I would be very interested in knowing what you think of them :)
Hope your father is doing better and recovering well now.   I was waiting a very long time for this review. But, I somehow had the feeling that it's going to be top-rated and would be the first review after the long break. Great review!   Your review makes me want to spend that $400 on 2SD though
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