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For all the firmware files :   HDMS is a pseudo line out. It just maximizes the volume.   BtnSound is just to enable a click sound when button is pressed. Keep it disabled.
I'll have to guess that it is -
Do you need to use all those steps? Here's what I did (at least this is what I think the Instructions said and it worked)   Removed the microSD card Kept the Center + Up key pressed while connecting the USB cable to the Laptop. RoCoo is recognized as "USB Input Device" by Windows 7. Ran the firmware updater with "Format" option enabled.     I have always used "Safely Remove" for all external devices for as long as I can remember. So, no changes on that front.
Should have been clearer - I chose to format the memory in the firmware installer, which of course would format first and install the three firmware images later. What I said was there was only one file on the RoCoo-P after the firmware upgrade. I will check the player once it's through the burn-in, but I have a vague recollection that the system folder may be storing the media library (which can be re-created I suppose).    
Format the memory = Format the Internal memory. After I did the format, only a system information file (text file containing version) was left on the internal memory. Don't remember what the System folder contained, but I don't think it's firmware related. May be Jack should clarify.
Is this the one you are after?   No feedback for the seller as well. If you want to gamble, you can still take a chance with this fake :)
  It's already on latest firmware. My issue is the same as in the video made by 5370H55V except that it's with Left and Right buttons. When I press the right button, nothing would happen, when I try to press the Left once, the whole menu would cycle rapidly as if I am pressing and holding it. It was less problematic after about 2-3 hours, but I have not used it much since then except for updating the firmware, so not sure if the issue remains. May be it just needs...
I had the same issue initially with the Left and Right buttons. The right button would not register a press, but one press of the left and the menu would loop through pretty fast as if the left button remained depressed. It's still in the "burn in" period, so I won't use it for a while. Not sure if the button issue has gone away completely.   Mine too does not say "Power" in Serial number, but had a "Power" folder.
I missed this thread until now.   Is it possible for you to get a loaner of Arrow 3G, 2StepDance or UHA-6S? I would be very interested in knowing what you think of them :)
Hope your father is doing better and recovering well now.   I was waiting a very long time for this review. But, I somehow had the feeling that it's going to be top-rated and would be the first review after the long break. Great review!   Your review makes me want to spend that $400 on 2SD though
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