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Quote: Originally Posted by chaosfayt well its kinda only one guy and he has tons of ppl emailing him and sending sms-es , he's still studying to boot My friend in Singapore had a hard time locating Null Audio (He works near the location). When my friend said collected things from Kevin's "hostel room", I thought he was kidding I too went through a period of no response. Kevin responded to my queries left on their web page about a week later,...
I am a Noob. So take what I say with lot of salt With no knowledge to take sides, I do the only thing I can do - I "burn-in" by listening normally. Either way, I do not lose
I am in Coimbatore. I am a complete Noob, who's just got interested in all the stuff. I do not know much, so I keep my purchases to < $100 items just to get my feet wet. I'll however upgrade to high end stuff in a couple of years time. Already the damages to my wallet due to a mere registration at Head-Fi is a lot more than I wanted
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