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Really nice of you to give away IEMs for free. Throwing my hat in. Would not mind any of the IEMs.
RE0 is one of my favorite IEMs.   I am currently on a hiatus from buying any more headphones and IEM and to save my wallet, I had stopped visiting Head-fi for a month. So, if you give away RE-ZERO, you will save my wallet as well as my resolution
Quote: Originally Posted by brendon ^^ Hey thanks to me I saved you a bundle by getting the Bravo amp for less than $100 !!! Sorry! Missed this for a long time. Add to that - the tube rolling you got me into. Should I still thank you?
Unless the Jaben India distributor secretly burned VB for 100 hours before sending me, I'd put the variance in reaction to VB to a good batch, bad batch thing. Earlier in this thread, I observed that Hippo Epic-Sparkles were "harsh" and very sibilant out of the box. After 75 hours of burn-in, the harshness has reduced, not vanished. Sibilance is still present. They are the first ever IEM I burned-in outside of my ear because I could not listen to them for more than 5...
Quote: Originally Posted by fraggerz Oooo...i'm from singapore...where did your friend get it? From Null Audio. They are out of stock though. I seem to be a bit lucky since many here in head-fi report delays in shipping and absolutely no e-mail replies from Null audio. I ordered online and my friend picked them up in person. The address and contact number can be found here. I suggest you go in person and check it out. You can also ask...
I'd suggest that you first try them over the ears with the shirt clip and cable ring adjustment as others suggested. I bought Phonak ear guides through my friend in Singapore. They cost me SGD11.58 (approx 8 USD) for 3 pairs of ear guides. You can obtain them directly from Phonak Audeo.
RE0 + Phonak ear guides + Shirt Clip would cure most of the problem
Well Brendon! Do not know if this is completely relevant. I do not have Hippo VB, only Hippo Epic-Sparkle. Going by your reviews, I'd assume harsh trebles and sibilance would be similar to VB. I've never exclusively burned in any IEM or headphone so far. I just normally listen and let them "evolve". This one's not bought by me, rather came as a "gift" along with the Alessandro MS1i I got from Jaben. Around the age as Swanlee (35) and having the same High frequency...
If you want to save a few bucks, go for PX-80. You won't be disappointed. Since it's only 550 more, I say go for PX-100-I (do not think it's the newer PX-100-II?). Though I have not tried it myself, you cannot go wrong with either. Do not wait too much. Take the plunge ....... and welcome to head-fi
I have the PX-80 for the past 4 months. They are my first ever branded headphones too. I do not think you'll have any reason to be disappointed. Just go ahead and buy them (or PX-100, if you can)
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