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Shoot a mail to and pay directly via Paypal.
For those who want to order - Musica Acoustics has it in stock now.
I am not good with numbers. But beyond a point, the difference between IEMs is indeed about 10-15%. The devil is in the details - what that 10% contains and how important it is to your preference is all that matters. IMO, as we go higher up the ladder, even an objective 2-3% increment in one area is enough to make one IEM dearer and shun the other.   Also, one man's 'bright' is another's 'right'
A wise man once said     which I very much agree with. Start with these threads...   Do you have a budget in mind? Head-fi is not a wallet friendly place.
Not to forget - FI-BA-SS is still "mid-tier" in price compared to their flagship   Kiteki, how would you compare PFE-232 vs FI-BA-SS in terms of SQ alone - signature, performance etc.,? Forget about price, value....
  Based on whatever I've read, FI-BA-SS seems unique with that raw, revealing, naked sound. But I agree that at that price, this would give some tough competition
  ..thus making them the only universal IEM I still want to try. You are not making the task of holding on to my wallet easy   PS: And catching up on this thread requires more than half the time I spend on head-fi....
  IIRC, should be able to access and delete the pre-installed music in MTP mode.
    Jack mentioned this    
Can't have both at the same time (though thinking about it - a dual boot device would be interesting - like the ability to boot to stock firmware after Rockbox is installed :)).
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