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You can ask ICCWorld for a quote to buy from Amazon and deliver it to your address.   I find them a bit on the high side though - Rs. 6550 is the quote I got ($140 approx) for the $90 IEM. They don't do eBay listing like before and the quote increases by 10% if you want a eBay listing.   The break-up is $90 (Cost) + 10% NYC Tax ? ($10) + $10 shipping + $30 Customs + taxes.   Better to ask a friend / relative to buy it for you?
TM5 is a limited edition earbud, which has remained out of stock for the most part. Don't think you'll get any more reviews than already available for now.   How would you compare bass of HJE-900 and DDM in terms of quality and quantity? Do you find bass in both of them "too much" for your liking?
A $99 sale on either won't hurt. But, it's too much to ask
Anybody got RE-262 yet? Postponed buying RE-252 for so long. Now, this is tempting. Can't wait for the first review to come out
In terms of transparency, I'd say PFE is better. In terms of detail, I don't find DDM lacking too much. In PFE, details are easily 'visible'. Because of it's unique signature, I initially thought DDM lacks some details, but it's not so. Again these are from memory and not a proper A/B.
I will be getting a DBA-02 by next month    My description of sound starts and stops with about 3-4 words. So, you may be asking the wrong person here . But, I'll attempt some noobish blabber.   I have not A/B-ed yet. So, PFE's description is from a few days old memory and DDM from yesterday's.   I think of PFE as "balanced" and I'd say DDM is certainly a lot more fun. DDM injects life into many of my albums that need that excitement.   I don't really...
I got my OEM about 3-4 days back and my impressions are very similar to yours. Coming from RE-0 and PFE, I find them very refreshing and unique. I also have Hippo VB, which I think may have more sub-bass quantity. But, haven't got down to any serious comparison since I've not been listening to anything other than DDM for the time being  
Congrats on the 100th IEM review. Waiting eagerly for your review on TF10, hopefully soon :)
Not yet. They are yet to reach me :)
That would be Musica Acoustics : http://www.musicaacoustics.com/Contact_Us_1.html   E-mail them to get a quote and pay by PayPal.
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