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  They are available separately : http://www.meelec.com/MEElectronics_Original_Eartips_for_M11_Earphones_p/tipset2-balancedsound.htm. I've bought one before they went OOS.  
@Pradeep,   Mobile numbers are better kept out of public forums. Keep them to PMs. I'll drop in sometime
Time for some N00b speak after lot of expert advice - Get RE0, try it for a few days/weeks and then decide on what exactly your "complementary" sound should be like.   I had the same choice issue sometime back. But, I was also trying to 'upgrade' from RE0 as well. I ended up with DBA-02 and DDM.   I considered TF10, MTPG, DDM, HJE-900 for the complementary IEM. TF10 and MTPG were out of my buying range. I already have Hippo VB and did not want to own another IEM...
Here's dfkt's quick look : http://anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?p=503331  
  Don't conclude so fast and easy .   Happy Camper! You are welcome!
A three year old thread got bumped up?   This is the newer roll calling thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/428935/roll-call-indians-staying-in-india-interested-in-high-end-headphones-iems
Is there any online shop which has SA6 cable for less than $20? It's OOS at Amazon and all I could find was Sleek Audio's store, where it's $25.   @rawrster,   How is it compared to DBA-02?  
Bought Monster tips from rawrster. He replied quickly to my queries and the whole transaction went smoothly. Within an hour of my payment, I received confirmation of shipping to India. I would not hesitate to deal with him again
@rawrster,   Well written review (yet again).   FWIW, I do get a good fit with it. Add to the fact that I am lucky to be using them in quieter environments for the most part. Exactly the opposite of your scenario :)   Your assessment of treble is on the dot. That's one area where they are not up-to my expectations. I am more used to the RE-0 kind of treatment. But to be fair, I was not exactly looking for a RE0 replacement, just something very different from...
^ That's what I've been looking for too. But, Amazon does not ship all items and even if they do, their costs are a bit on the higher side. That leaves vPost and other similar services. Don't know if they'll work out cheaper. Other than the three you mentioned, we will be responsible for customs clearance. So, that's a bit of a hassle.
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