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Improve? don't know as I don't have the Panas. But, I have a M9 tip set and tried it with a few other IEMs. Tips will definitely change the sound. Just pull the trigger on a M9 / M11 / M11+ tips. MEE offers keep flowing through out the year, so do not worry about that. You can always pick something different next time .
  They are available separately : I've bought one before they went OOS.  
@Pradeep,   Mobile numbers are better kept out of public forums. Keep them to PMs. I'll drop in sometime
Time for some N00b speak after lot of expert advice - Get RE0, try it for a few days/weeks and then decide on what exactly your "complementary" sound should be like.   I had the same choice issue sometime back. But, I was also trying to 'upgrade' from RE0 as well. I ended up with DBA-02 and DDM.   I considered TF10, MTPG, DDM, HJE-900 for the complementary IEM. TF10 and MTPG were out of my buying range. I already have Hippo VB and did not want to own another IEM...
Here's dfkt's quick look :  
  Don't conclude so fast and easy .   Happy Camper! You are welcome!
A three year old thread got bumped up?   This is the newer roll calling thread:
Is there any online shop which has SA6 cable for less than $20? It's OOS at Amazon and all I could find was Sleek Audio's store, where it's $25.   @rawrster,   How is it compared to DBA-02?  
Bought Monster tips from rawrster. He replied quickly to my queries and the whole transaction went smoothly. Within an hour of my payment, I received confirmation of shipping to India. I would not hesitate to deal with him again
@rawrster,   Well written review (yet again).   FWIW, I do get a good fit with it. Add to the fact that I am lucky to be using them in quieter environments for the most part. Exactly the opposite of your scenario :)   Your assessment of treble is on the dot. That's one area where they are not up-to my expectations. I am more used to the RE-0 kind of treatment. But to be fair, I was not exactly looking for a RE0 replacement, just something very different from...
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