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I contacted Dimitri for something else. But learned that Musica Acoustics has a special offer which might be of interest to some    
    Now that I have proved that I am stalking this thread far too much and for far too long than I care to admit, can I have the TF10 review?  
That's been the case even before #100. From that old post    
    Quote:   Until then....           Quote:  
You won't be charged customs for everything, it's a matter of luck. I've bought twice from Lendmeurears (PR401, GR07), but was not charged duty. You are better off taking a chance.
  To read reviews, it's not enough to know (or think you know) what the jargon means, the key is to understand reviewer bias. The trick is in finding someone who has similar signature preferences and if possible, genre preferences as you and give more weight to their views. It takes time, needs lot of reading and a few common IEMs to see where your own opinion stands against the rest. You still won't agree 100% with others, but at least you won't make too many wrong...
I no longer have the GR07, so would hate to go from memory. Here's my review of them, FWIW.   I did not get enough time at the time of writing this review, so could only make brief comparison to GR07 which you can find in the first post.   I'd in general, agree with varyV. When I think of GR07, I remember it for it's comfortable fit and bass. It was the right mix of quantity, texture, extension for me. But what bothered me was that bump that brought up sibilance even...
I am using the stock bi-flanges. With the 2SD, RE-272 in a psuedo-balanced mode, the bass quantity and texture are enough for me not to bother with EQ. Of course, it does not make RE272 a bass monster, but fills the low-end just enough that I am no longer distracted by it.
It's a pity really. I thought even RE262 got less attention than it deserved when it came out.   And if I have to describe RE272 with 2StepDance, one word - effortless. I don't think I am going back to 'unbalanced'. Dynamics are better as is bass texture. When moving between iPod Video 5G->2SD back to QA350-> UHA6S, another obvious difference is the slight mid emphasis on the latter. The overall changes may not be huge, but they do make RE272 sound effortless -...
Aurisonics ASG-1 Fischer DBA-02 MK2 Roughly 150 pages of Muppetface's diary   ... and welcome back....
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