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  Stop asking questions and buy FX700
  Mai Tai? I think you are probably referring to this thread?
  That every time someone asks about the TF10 review, he feels compelled to postpone it by a month.   If you go back a few pages, you will find this post
  Just about right for me . It does take a bit longer to read it, but I think if it was any shorter, some of what a_recording wanted to convey would be lost in translation.   An excellent review. I am a bit intrigued by XBA-4, but comments about cloudiness are a little worrisome for me. May be I should get the XBA-1 and XBA-3 which are available locally and then decide on the XBA-4.   @HiFiGuy528,   I think these are the EX-1000 Shorter Cable and the Long cable.
  The hint may be here. Even if there are revisions to that score, XCited would slot below GR06.
I read that review. It bothers me a bit.      
  I highly doubt that. I am guessing he just copy-pasted the information from Dimitri's mail and forgot to double check.   FI-BA-SS at $885. My wallet needs to hide quickly.   FI-BA-SS vs K3003 vs MH334 - ah! the confusion!
    Gently! I do like my mouse .....
  Not to take this thread off-topic again, but I feel that FX700 is a little more than 'rich man's FXT90'. While I appreciate FXT90 at it's price point and agree that it has some of the good characteristics of FX700, subjectively I feel the difference is vast. There are days when I actually hate the FX700 (mostly for it's mids or bass when coming from other 'phones), but those phases do not last long. The feeling I get with FXT90 is usually on the lines of...
MA sells DBA-02 MK2 for $178   ZO2 is now $120, not $100 you a grand saving of ...... +$3 and not -$15 as per your calculation
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