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There is a rumor that it might be review #350
I am in :)
I think you should catch up on those 500 pages whenever you get time - plenty of interesting discussions, just not audio adventures.   BTW, advance congratulations for your 10,000th post (which should happen before my 500th). Sorry for the intrusion, but I am just trolling around to reach my goal of 500 posts before end of 2012. Back to lurking....
  Can you post the FR with 16 ohm load? I always wondered what they looked like!
Firmware files and update instructions here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/587884/hisound-studio-rocoo-firmware-files
  ...thus making my wait for the FXDs all the more painful. Thanks!
Sorry Flysweep! Get back in line   First he needs to make my job of choosing between MH334, FI-BA-SS & K3003 more difficult, then he is free to do whatever it is you want with the TF10 review!
  Conquer confusion the typical head-fi way - buy both FX700 and W4   PS: Otherwise, Joker's TF10 would be posted before you buy anything
  Is there a way I can source the Auvio tips? Radioshack does not have International shipping as far as I can see. From your description, they are exactly what I am looking for.
  What else did you expect from a Turd?
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