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Would anyone kind enough to ship BA200 (or IE800) all the way to India?
 I am fondly hoping TF10 will be even more special - 1000th 
Congrats on the 300th review. Looking forward to the 500th!   Hope you will add Philips S1 and S2 soon.
 The one you are talking about is the old MH1 version (I asked on the other forum via PM) and not the MH1C. Probably may not work with your phone. @ljokerl Any chance that JH13FP is #300? I am looking forward to S1 and S2 reviews as well (as well as TF10 review you promised. Sorry couldn't resist ) How does Signature Acoustics C-12 stack up against MH1C?
  Coming to a browser near you on 13.13.13
  Yes, Please!      Probably Sony engineers tuned it using their own players rather than ones with low OI. If you refer to GoldenEars and Rin's analysis, adding impedance makes XBAs relatively linear. I have XBA-3 which sounds better with a slightly higher impedance source as well. While there is no plot of the FR with 3 or 5 ohm impedance, I am guessing there would at least be a slight change for the better.
  Just to be clear, I did buy it at the authorized Sony dealer for $145. Even at that time, plenty of online shops (and eBay) have carried XBA-3 for slightly less than the MSRP ($140). Sony does offer one year replacement warranty as long as the buyer has an invoice and a Sony warranty card (as I mentioned here). I was in the process of fixing a price for my XBA-3 sale in the forums, which is when I stumbled upon the $120 listing. I have never bought anything from naaptol...
In India, XBA-3 is available for as low as ₹6600 ($120). Even the official price is only $145. Granted that it's more on account of the currency depreciation, it is still a decent choice for those who want to avoid the hassles of shipping and customs. But one is open to taking a little risk, plenty of better options can be found in that range. IMO, XBA-1 offers better value for money.
  +1   I've been waiting for a decent transport without the disadvantages of my QA350 v2 for a long time. An easy to navigate UI, battery life of 10-15 hours and basic file format support (FLAC, WAV, MP3) is all I ask. Even if it did not have internal memory, I can manage fine with my numerous microSD/SD cards.
  Then, QA350 Mod V2 is the most beautiful player in the world?
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