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 I will order only if you sell me a completely modded FX850 for $799. Too much work otherwise!
For what it's worth, I got my impressions done with a hearing aid audiologist as well (for $5). In India, no audiologist even knows about the existence of CIEMs, so it took a while to convince them to do something different than what they are used to. As long as they are willing to follow Custom Art's instructions, you should do fine.
   I think ljokerl did not include them because 991 Carrera 4S  mentioned 'slightly brighter'. I have only tried SE535 (both CL and LTD-J versions) and currently own the Noble 4C (not the N4) among the IEMs you mentioned. I don't think either of them fit the 'slightly brighter' description.
I kept the RE272 and recently upgraded to Noble 4C 
 +1 to that.
ljokerl,   Thanks to your review of Noble 4S, I finally got my first Custom IEM, Noble 4C.   It took me a while to insert and remove them at first, but I am getting used to it. My first few minutes with it reminded me so much about Hifiman IEMs. Though they did not wow me at first, they gradually grew on me over the course of a three hour long listening session. It fits my sound preferences really, really well. I think 4C is one of the most balanced IEMs I have heard...
 From a couple of pages back...  
 Well! I was on the way, but sanity prevailed  
 It's still left to the discretion of the custom official. I have been charged once for an item marked as gift. While the actual value was very less, the box size was bigger :) I agree with @kothganesh. I have been charged duty on ordinary airmail only 3 times in the last 4 years, but 80-90% of the time when it's through DHL / FedEx. But the thing is all the five parcels I lost were through Airmail. It's good to see this thread revived. It had been dormant for so... long!
 How much do they quote for NAD M51? You mean ARN? May be you should try your luck again.
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