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Just notice that ROC's End Of Sale date will be Nov 2010.   From Audio-Gd English main page:      and from the Chinese main page:     It says that there will be no successor product to the above discontinued products.
    Different drivers ??  Duno. But both phones have the same specification.   I just want to say that I feel they sound quite differently.  
If you give me a blind test with the two headphones, I shall identify them as headphones with different drivers and different specifications.  
oh... sorry, I have not listened to M5.  My above comments refer to Cowon iAudio4, iAudio5, D2, S9.
I don't think the sound quality of Cowon (with all its EQ off) can beat HM-801 in any way.   Cowon can sound good with appripriate EQ settings but this is a different sound favour from HM-801.
StepDance is better than the amp section of Hifiman. I am using HM-801 with StepDance for listening in office and love the sound output from this combination.   
@cooperpwc :   For me, whether there is volume adjustment swing depends on the line out of the player. For HM-801 normal line out, I can only listen to a short time even at a minimum level since the volume is too loud for me.   For another player, I can have volume adjustment swing 9:00-11:00 (not 7:00 - 11:00 as you said in the StepDance post, since 7:00 is switch off and when you switch on, the volume knob is already at 9:00).   The relatively loud noise heard in...
With ES5 (a very sensitive iem) and the amp set at low gain, I only start hearing some hiss noise if I turn the volume past 2:00. However I probably only listen to volume level without passing 11:00 when using ES5.   For battery compartment, the main thing that I need to get used to is that the battery door does not attach to the amp after opening. This may be inconvenient if you want to change the battery while on the move. Another point to note is that when...
Just received StepDance. I quickly went to buy a 9V battery and had a brief listen through ES5. The first impression was the volume is too large for me even at its mininum level. Fortunately when reading the manual, I discovered that the amp is set at high gain by default.   After setting it to low gain, the volume is acceptable. Since I listen music at very low volume, therefore I shall probably only use the first two volume levels for listening with ES5. I don't...
May be they are like D2000 and D5000. Their spec are the same:     * Isolation: -10dB     * Driver Type: Dynamic     * Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size     * Sensitivity: 106dB/mW     * Impedance @ 1kHz: 25     * Headphone Type: Full Size     * Acoustic Seal: Closed   But D5000 has a price that is double the price of D2000. And many prefer the sound of D5000 than D2000 (although a few may think that the sound difference may not justify the price...
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