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After listening more, I see that event gives the vocals a thicker sound. I can't say that push sounds better anymore.
I just went ahead and downloaded the new foobar.  I didn't know what to do with the format either, I just ended up extracting the files with winrar and put them in the components folder.
I just downloaded the new wasapi 3.0 and it changed the way the music is played through the headphones. The sound is much more spread out. I am using the push setting, the event setting sounds like the old wasapi.  You guys should check it out.
I have the D7000 and 160D, it's a great combo.
Now the back port sounds the same. It may have been a driver issue. thanks
I see. The other front usb port does not have the same sound. I guess it is the chipset. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this. It really sounds like a different box depending on which port I use. The soundstage, mids and the bass all sound different. It doesn't sound as congested. Everything sounds a lot smoother, not nearly as harsh.
I noticed with the burson 160d the music sounds a lot better when I plug it into the front usb port on my computer vs plugging it directly into the rear(motherboard). Also when I skip forward and backwards in foobar, it does not lag like it does when I use the other ports. The sound is change is very noticeable.
price drop!
For sale is a xonar d2 sound card. I used this card for 6 months and I no longer have use for it. The card works flawlessly and comes with the cables  shown in the photo. If interested email me at Thanks!  Here is a link to my eBay feedback
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