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I'll be travelling to Canada next week and I plan on purchasing an HD600 and an ifi DAC/Amp. Does the IDAC2 have enough power to push the HD600? Or should I go for the Micro iDSD?   I plan on using it mainly as a DAC and some months later upgrade my active monitors to an integrated amplifier and some monitor audio bronze 2 speakers... I've read the Micro iDSD is not a true class A circuit and the IDAC should be a better choice for a desktop DAC, also I'm a little...
Needs to be shipped to Brazil. Thank you!      
Could someone recommend me tips that are a bit smaller than the stock small silicon tips? I don't know any of the discussed tips (olives, flex, ety...), and I would like to avoid foamies, because of their short durability. I read some good stuff about the monster super tips, which are some kind of foam-silicon hybrid, does someone if those can fit the DBA nozzle and is the sound any good?   Thanks everyone!    
Woohoooo my DBA-02 just arrived :D   I'm so happy with its sound, and these aren't even burned in! I'm listening through an unamped Clip+ (I need to rockbox this little fella soon) and it's on par with my amped HD595, it's incredible!   At first I used the stock medium tips and got a lot, I mean LOADS of painful sibilance. I started with Hiromi - Spiral on FLAC and the snare sounded like a cymbal at times lol.   Then I switched to the smaller tips, with a...
Where do I buy one of these? They're never in stock and I've read some negative feed-back on some retailers' back-orders.
Bugden audio has these in backorder, but I see some complaints in the product page. Anyone here got some feedback on them? My CKM-55 just passed away and I need some quality portable phones...
My waiting is much welcome 'cause my bank account needs to take a breath.
Well I'm really interested in these.... How do I get notified that they are back on stock? Which dealer are you guys talking about as "Dmitry"? GD AudioBase? Thanks
How does the 990 compare to the T50p? The price gap is quite big... Also I would prefer circumaural cans instead of supra-aural ones.   I'm looking forward for more recs, if there are any.
Maybe $400,00. But I'm looking for something in the next step that does not require tough amps, and I'm not sure what prices to expect, so hit me with anything that fits my description.
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