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Thankyou for your help guys! I'm going to wait a little while yet anyway as I'm going through one of my game buying sprees lol! Out of curiosity, I like a warm punchy sound, Out of the Pico, Tomahawk or an Emeline would be close to that kind of sound characteristic?
Cheers dude
I'm well impressed with everyone's setup's!! Kudoz too you all I must say after a few weeks using the CMoy, Sony and Loops cable, I have noticed a significant difference compaired to non-amped head-fi. I know The CMoy is pretty much at the bottom of the league, But for my first portable headamp it's pretty awesome! The headphones I tend to prefer on this setup are either the Sennheiser HD218's or the Sony's. The Pioneer's I prefer for Dance or Electronica as...
Update... New stuff :- Sennheiser hd218's,Pioneer mj3's with Sennheiser ear cushions, sony iem's, cmoy, loops cable, Sony dap. Blue ragon lod on way for ipods.
Sorry I couldn't find whereelse to put this. Anyway, I'm going to have a deeper browse today and see if I can't learn how to make one or if there is an lod available for my 638.
I've read it now Stupid browzer! lol It's as I thought, Same principle as Speaker Run-in. I Know what I'll be doing now. Thanks for the advice peepz
Thanks derek, Thats the kind of advice I'm looking for. I've been going wrong on the levels for sure at the very least. But that's what Im here for, To learn! lol. Guys from what I've been reading, Burn-in is pretty much an advised thing to do no?
Quick and simple... Are there any LOD's available for other daps besides the ipod/iphone? I have a Sony NWZE638F 8GB on it's way and am wondering if I can find or have made a LOD for it? or am I going to be ok running a mini jack-jack from it to one of my amps without losing sq? Paul
Is it not important to have them set up right though like you would with speakers? I want to get the best out my gear as is possible. Paul
Some damn nice rigs in this thread and I'll bet they sound even better! Can't wait to start rollin some amps when I'm out'n'about.
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