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Eh, I think it's a complete non issue for me and most people. I use the control quite a bit too. It's a stepped volume control so I'm not surprised it operates this way. This isn't sloppy execution, it's how a stepped attenuator works. 
Yes that's how mine works as well
Trying to see if there's interest would be putting out surveys and studying that marketspace.   This is just taking advantage of a system to get risk free capital to launch a new product. I'm sure as a company that's pretty well established they could put forth existing capital. They could even get a loan like any normal company that has a good track record.   Crowdfunding is not for companies like this. It's for companies that have nothing but want to release things...
This seems pretty wrong that an established company is using IndieGoGo to fund a new product risk free. Platforms like this and kickstarter are for regular individuals with no capital to make products they normally wouldn't have the means to make. Burson is an established company that should have the capital to do these things on their own. 
Quote:What's the resistance of the pot? Was it a pretty easy install?
I have for sale a very gently used pair of Sennheiser Momentum Over Ears in the brown colorway. I have the case, adapter, and extra cable that comes with it as well.   No visible scratches on the headphone and the earpads are in like-new shape. If you offer to pay the full 150 I will gladly cover the cost of shipping and PP fees. Let me know your reasonable offers.  
For sale is a refurbished pair of AKG K240 Sextetts. I believe they are the LP version from the white color of the baffles.   The pads are new and I also replaced the worn out elastics with a new set from AKG. The headband is not cracked and in great condition so I found no need to replace that. Same with the cable.   Great pair of headphones especially for vocals. I just didn't find myself using it as much compared to my HD650 so I'm letting them go. Let me know...
Just PM'd regarding the white label NOS-ish 5998 Tung Sol
That's just a generalization of tube amps. In the case of OTL amps like the Bottlehead Crack, the increased voltage output actually made the bass on the HD650 more controlled than the m-stage. I actually preferred the Crack over the matrix for that pair of headphones although its obviously personal preference.
    This is what I meant by the "midrange cavern" on the HE-400. The Sennheisers seem a tad more flat which I enjoy more for classical but obviously that's subjective. I haven't listened to the HE-400 so that was only a minor concern I brought up. Obviously those that have listened to it would know better.   As for bloated bass and treble performance on the HD650, what are you using to amplify them? I had that problem with the m-stage and O2 but got a lot better results...
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