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I suppose another reason I was looking at a minidisc unit was because I can also it use like a cd/mp3 player. This would seem to be an added bonus, but I will definitely look into more of a recording/mixing unit and check over at Thanks.
I was thinking microphone.
I am looking for a cheap way to record guitar demo's, ideas and such while I am away from the computer. I want something without a lot of setup time so I can record ideas quickly. Currently I am thinking about a minidisc. Does that seem like the best idea or are the more effective alternatives to look into?
you might try this thread Music that puts you to sleep
I think my least favorite Beatles album is Sgt. Peppers. While I admire the production innovations and creativity I just don't think it holds up that well. I like Magical Mystery Tour better, probably because of strawberry fields and penny lane. My favorites would probably be the White album and Let it Be (Glyn Johns' original mix) and Revolver.
Quote: Originally posted by gloco For all you broadband subscribers: The best way to get these bootlegs is to get your ass a news reader, like Agent or Xnews (xnews is free btw). Once you set up xnews, there's quite a few bootleg newsgroups (for example: There's even one newsgroup just for led zeppelin shows So once you get to these newsgroups what do you do? I always find these bootleg groups and then get confused....
That's what I thought, I just wanted to make sure they weren't playing with my mind or something, still seems strange that it is mislabeled.
I just got a copy of this LP and have noticed that the side labeled II is the beginning of the song (at least the beginning according to the lyrics). Is this supposed to be? Am I supposed to start listening in the middle of the song?
thanks for the responses, I will start trying to hunt down some old stuff I will let you know how it goes. Tuberoller, how would you rate a Harmon Kardon amp versus a fisher or mcintosh, and are there any particular models that I should look for? Thanks again
I am looking at purchasing a older amp from probably 70's give or take a decade and was wondering what some good names or models are. I was think tube amp but whatever.
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