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Finally buoght an Oppo 103. Building my HT and decided to pair it with an Arcam AVR380, KEF R100, R300, R200c, REL R-218 and a Panasonic 65VT60. I am still away from home or another 40 days and will only give it a listen then :(
Hi Guys,   I have ordered a pair of Kef R300 to act as front speakers in my HT setup. My question is, whether it will be a huge issue if they are placed near a back wall, 20cm max, with bass reflex ports covered completely. I will be using a Rel R-218 sub with them at all times.    Thanks, Szadzik
 I have not seen any info about that in specs, but software is updated from time to time, so it is an option.
Just paid for one of these:
 Copletely changes performance. Since I got my first SSD a few years back, I would never even consider a PC without one. Now using a RAID 0 SSD and that is unbelievable speed.
 What does all this GPU and CPU power mean without an SSD? Nothing at all.
 They have HP200 cable that is short andd straight andd if you nag them for some time, they will selll it to you, they did to me.
  I agree. I would get a Meier amp if I were lookking for a good at-home solution. I have a Classic and it sounds great with T5ps as well as T1s.
  I use it with BEyer T1 and T5p and it is much better than WA2 to me. Less coloration and no harshness.
    Meier Audio.
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