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 It has nothing to do with hat the circuitry looks like. Octave has been reviewed multiple times, look those reviews up. It is one of the most natural sounding DACs out there. Your way of comparing it to anything holds no value though, you need a proper setup to do that and not connect it to another DAC. P.S. Not only my opinion that it is a superior DAC and not only up to its price range, but also above its price range. Check 6moons.
 Connecting crappy components to good ones and expecting something is not a matter of taste, it has NOTHING to do with taste. Connect it as it is supposed to be connected to qa quality chain of devices and only then see if you llike it or not.
 Mate, You connected a superior DAC, via a crappy one. How did you expect the Metrum to perform? Rubbish in, rubbish out, it is as simple as that. When you build a high quality system, do not expect a single quality component will  make all other components great as well. The chain is only as good as its weakest component.  Also, the amp you have is not of the gighest quality and definitely nowhere near the level to bring out the goodness of your Octave, much below that...
Not the best idea to connect a superior dac via crappy ones. Connect it via USB to Coax converter and you will see its true potential.
Hi For sale I have a pair of T5ps. I am a second owner. They are in great condition. With box and felt case from Beyerdynamic. Shipped from Poland. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees within EU.  P.S. these are used and ofr this price do not expect them to be pristine or like new, if they were the price would be different.
 Unfortunttely I have no way of trying one on. n theother hand. I am not sur I like them that much. Might look at something else and just hand the voucher over to someone who needs it.
I have a question for all of you.   I have received a voucher for 50GBP discount for Christopher Ward.    I currently have a Tissot T-Touch Expert, Omega Speedmaster Pro Moonwatch andd am wondering which Ward watch I should choose to use that voucher.    I would like something classic as I already have sporty watches. An automatic maybe as my speedy is a hand-wound piece.   I hve ooked at C5 MALVERN AUTOMATIC MK II   What do you think about those watches? Are...
 Very right!
 Mariusz, Shoot me a PM with your location details and maybe you can have a listen to my T5ps and if you like them, I might even sell them to you for cheap. P.S. They are very temptinng as they are very good.
Has anyone tried using 103 with an amp like Corda Classic? Would I be better off putting my Octave Metrum in-between the two or is the 10's DAC better than the Metrum?
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