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 Please provide a scientific explanation why Corda Classic powers these phones so well.
 An option is not the same as standard.
 Can be placed in the regular conductor, but only the SL version comes pre-fitted with it. Only custom ones will have that chip.
 There is an SL version of Conductor that offers PCM1793, but the main model only has ESS9018.
 HA-160D was based on Burson custom architecture. Conductor is based on Saber ESS9018, which gives it a different sonic signature. Comparing 160D and Conductor is of no use. As for OTL that is just a legend as well. I had WA2 and it made my T1s sing, but uncomparably lesser than may Corda Classic.  Could not agree more.
Thanks for your answer, guys!
 Thanks for the input. I do not believe any tubey stuff needs to be in the chain as I have a Metrum Octave andd a Corda CClassic. Neither is warm, yet what they give together with T1s is awesome. I need to downsize and hence am looking for a one-box solution.
Thinking about picking one of these. How does it work with Beyer T1s? I like detailed sound, not too much warmth and my T1s are not bright.
A question to all the happy T1 users.   I am thinking of getting a DAC/AMP combo for my set nad wanted to know if anyone has any experience using T1s with Eximus DP1 or Burson Conductor?   Thanks in advance.
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